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The patient was treated of arrhythmia inAsklepios St. Georg Clinic

Good day !
After almost half a year I am writing a review.

The level and quality of medicine, I can not adequately assess, as I am just a client (someone came up with the name of the patient, which I personally do not like).
So, I had an operation. On the heart. The diagnosis was atrial fibrillation. Made an Ablation.
How did - I do not know. I hope at the proper level.
This is a conveyor. You with your medical problems / diagnoses get on the conveyor.
I do not know whether this is good or bad - but it is.
I had a surgery very quickly - for which I am grateful.
Extract from the clinic.
The doctor had a conversation with me (through an interpreter) for 3 minutes before the operation and 5-10 minutes after the operation (after 2 days of re-discharge). And that's all. My questions are what to do next (what predictions, recommendations, etc. I have not received an answer).
The next day (the day of discharge from the clinic), the nurse / doctor’s assistant arrived and presented the discharge report in German. To the question whether it is possible in English, I received the answer that it is possible, but contact the translators.
Like this.
Still. I waited for more than 2 hours for a prescription for the purchase of medications prescribed to me (for a purchase at pharmacies in Germany). And this after repeated reminders.
I have not received any recommendations regarding the observation of the passage / consequences of the operation.

As a result, I was forced through the Internet to look for possible subtleties / complications after my operation. Then, after 20 days, I had a relapse - a long-term arrhythmia over the course of 4 days. I found it myself through a Garmin wrist pulse detector.
As a result, I bought the device for ECG registration and with the help of it I independently registered this fact of relapse.
Further, through the Internet, I realized that it is permissible with my diagnosis for a period of up to 3 months after the operation.
Now, six months later (without a week), I have no arrhythmias.
It seems that the operation in Hamburg I did right.
But the rest ...

Another important fact.
At the entrance I was promised a price of 22,000 euros with a deposit of 2,000 euros, which is refundable if there are no complications during the operation.
So, as of today 2019-05-22, this deposit was not returned to me. Despite the fact that I was very tolerant in this matter - I did not demand, I did not pester ...
This is a note for future customers of this clinic.
Feel free to write off this amount of the so-called deposit on expenses. Such a marketing course of German clinics.
I understand that for me and for the majority of clients of (international) clinics, this 2,000 euros means nothing on the total amount of the costs of treatment and imposes on health ...
Personally, I do not like it.
I have something to compare.
In 2007, I was treated in Israel. Result by all parameters 5 +++
Here in Germany at 3 ---
I do not take into account the medical aspect - here it is difficult for me to be an adequate evaluator.

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The patient was treated of aorta coarctation inUniversity Clinic of Leipzig

Good day. Our daughter is 2 years old, she has CHD. We came to the clinic in Leipzig to install a stent on the aortic arch. Before carrying out any surgical procedure, we underwent a full examination: ultrasound, X-ray, various tests and smears, a cardiogram, and most importantly a CT scan. Already on the ultrasound, there was doubt about the need to install a stent, but after a CT scan, the doctors completely refuted the view that this is our problem. According to the results of CT, our problem areas were found, and they explained to us what kind of interventions in the future our girl would need. And now a little about the clinic. The staff of the clinic is just wonderful, starting with the junior medical staff, ending with the luminaire Professor Derentom. Despite the language barrier, everyone was trying to find mutual understanding with us. As soon as we pressed the call button to the ward, the nurse resorted as a sprinter at a distance. Professor Dovent and his team is a team of qualified professionals. They work on very good equipment and they have tremendous experience in cardiology. For two years of the survey in our Republic, we did not receive as many answers to our questions as they had in two days of the survey. Immediately after the CT scan, the professor personally, without waiting for a translator, came to our ward and, drawing a heart on paper, explained to us what they found. Professor Denert knows Russian very well and jokes in Russian too)). There are no common wards in the clinic, so it’s very comfortable to be in the ward with the child together. There are also no hours of receiving visitors like ours, our dad sat all day with us and no one even hinted that he could not be there. I brought two suitcases of clothes, diapers and cremics for my daughter .... nothing))) everything, starting with diapers, creams, shampoos, bibs, nipples, bottles, pacifiers and clothes for newborns is there and you can freely to enjoy. The clinic does not have repair according to the latest fashion trends, but it is clean and very comfortable there, even like something homely. The only omission was that for some reason they did not include me (mother) in the diet and had to explain that I could not leave the child and go somewhere to eat outside the hospital. I want to thank the bookimed company coordinator Maxim Voloshin and the medical coordinator Leonidos from the clinic itself for their help. It was a pleasure to work with you! Everything is clear, fast, coordinated. Each of you keeps your questions on control, you can address any problem and you clarify and solve everything very quickly. Thank. Unfortunately, the heart of our girl needs to be dynamically monitored and we will consider the clinic in Leipzig a priority for further cooperation.

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    Leonidas Representative of University Clinic of Leipzig May 21, 2019

    Здравствуйте, Татьяна! Благодарим Вас за такую высокую и теплую оценку. Мы были очень рады быть полезными Вам. Желаем скорейшего выздоровления! Искренне Ваша, международная команда Гелиос.

The patient was treated of spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine inMedical Center in Solingen

Good day. Operated on 10.04.2019 spondealistez at the doctors of Bul and Flo, joint operation of a neurosurgeon and an orthopedist. Doctors are beautiful with golden hands. Actually because of these doctors this clinic was chosen, and in this many thanks to the coordinator Alyona. The surgery went great, recovery after surgery, under the close supervision of doctors and physiotherapists, also went well. The clinic itself is on the level of convenience of an average private clinic in Kiev. The staff is attentive and always ready to help. The chamber was spacious, clean and bright. The work of the international department was a little upset, they were allowed to sign documents in German without a paper translation at least into English, I’m not talking about the Russian language. Sometimes they consulted with doctors in German, without literally translating what they were talking about. But despite this, I was very pleased with the clinic, the doctors and the company Bukibmed, and I can recommend the professors Buhl and Flo.

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The patient was treated of urethral stricture inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

Prof. Gross seems very competent. The hospital was big with a lot of patients. I’m happy I had Lidia with me to guide.


    Anna Shevchuk Apr 22, 2019

    Miss Malalay, thank for the trust you have placed in us. I hope your problem has been solved.

The patient was treated of gastritis in Meoclinic Hospital

We all enjoyed it. Everything is well organized. Doctors are competent, all very polite. The translators were very attentive, they felt confident with them, like with my mother by the hand))). Antonina from Bookimed constantly called and wondered how they got, whether everything was good.

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The patient was treated of atopic dermatitis inPRADUS Diagnostics

clinic is very clean, the staff are friendly, medical coordinator is very helpful person and very friendly.

The patient was treated of arrhythmia inSachsenhausen Hospital

Nobody there seemed to know about my appt. There were no free translators. Luckily I found a very nice lady in surgery dept who called Mrs. Spiegel and i finally got to see the head of the gastro dept.He ordered a set of blood tests and scheduled a gastroscopy for the next day. The second day, I got the gastroscopy, and then I waited for like 3hrs for the doctor who performed my gastroscopy to tell me about the results. Apparently he was on duty and there was nobody else to discuss with me.In the end he showed up and said that the blood results were incomplete and we had to wait for the results of the biopsies that were prelevated during the endoscopy.He said it would be a few days, and they will send it by mail. That was last friday.No sign up to this day..So l would have to say that it was not very well organised and if it wasn’t for the good heart of the clerk working in surgery dept.i would not had been checked at all.

The patient underwent check-up inSachsenhausen Hospital

Actuality in my first step with the agency Bookimed, rhey were very good responding with my request and arranging the appointments but small lake of receiving medical documents that i send to the Professor in the hospital and i think the problem was from hospital side from a person.
But the hospital was good and the professor himself was a very professional person and helpful and serious persom with understanding my both chldren status. And i hope that my visit was successful when my kids recovered after long treatment that will be i hope next few weeks.


    Anna Mamina Bookimed medical coordinator Apr 4, 2019

    Dear Mahmoud, our Bookimed team is happy you got to receive an expected level of medical service. As we promise, we alway provide all medical records to the hospital in advance and we bring our depest apologies for inconvenience caused to you and your family. We hope your family stays healthy!

The patient was treated of sarcoma inHelios Berlin Buch

My son was treated in this clinic for osteosarcoma of the left knee. The doctors we liked, attentive, responsive. True, there was no definite attending physician, as if all the doctors were in the know, and sometimes they had to tell everyone again. I would especially like to mention Christina Chef, a very pleasant and sensible doctor, and of course Gabriela Strauss, deputy head of department. Nurses know their business, sympathize with sick children, try to help, encourage. In the department of a homely atmosphere, lying is not boring. Either clowns will come, then a musician plays instruments with children, then volunteers make crafts with children, they treat with cocktails, they spend relaxation sessions. In general, the treatment is not painful, we liked it. About the cons, I will say that the previously announced amount of treatment does not correspond to the actual one. In reality, it turns out to be 30% more expensive, it must be taken into account by anyone who wants to know in advance how much the treatment will cost.

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The patient was treated of kidney cancer inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

I am a Canadian who wanted to look for the kidney disease treatment in Hamburg right the way. I search on internet to find some one who can help me contact with doctor in Hamburg hospital and I found the Bookimed. First time, I really did not trust the Bookimed because I thought it is on internet - no face to face , but the Bookimed sent me a call immediately . After that, Liza Dudnik , the staff of Bookimed , contacted with me via email and phone. She helped me a lot to look for the kidneyprofessional doctor . Liza Dudnik worked very professional, kindly and helpful. From my heart bottom I would like to say thank her.
Now I can tell people : I believe that the Bookimed is an agent that you can trust because it's service .
Thank Bookimed and Thank Liza Dudnik again. God Bless You.


    Liza Dudnik Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

    Dear Sir! Thank you for your kind words and trust in our company. I wish you and your family good health!

The patient was consulted in Meoclinic Hospital

All good questions no. The doctor is good, we were at the reception for about half an hour, she explained everything, in general, we really liked her

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The patient was treated of brain cyst inBremen-Mitte Clinic

I would like to thank the Vookimed international client support center and coordinator Ekaterina for selecting and organizing a consultation at the Nord Alliance clinic. The work was built clearly, efficiently, without exerting any psychological pressure. For all questions of interest to me, Ekaterina provided, at short intervals, the most tactful, detailed documents and payment for services.

On one point of joint cooperation they did not mislead me, I received a detailed conclusion and in the clinic itself they also answered all that I was concerned about. On her own research she was convinced that they can be trusted. Once again, thank you so much

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    Katerina Bonko Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

    Спасибо, что проявляли доверие и терпение на всех этапах организации заочной консультации. Искренне рада, что смогла Вам помочь. Отдельная благодарность за подробный отзыв о работе Bookimed, сотрудников международного отдела клиники и квалифицированных специалистах Бремен-Митте ( Норд Клиник Альянс).

The patient was treated of prostate cancer inHelios Krefeld Clinic

I want to evaluate the work of Bookimed as a whole on the results of organizing the treatment of a father well. After examining the results of the surveys, we were presented with options for treatment. Despite the fact that initially we practically had a clinic for treatment selected (on our own), we revised and made a decision to undergo treatment at a clinic in Germany, which Bookimed offered.

For all organizational issues, both Bookimed and the logistics company from the clinic offered support. We did everything on our own, but still it is nice when they want to help you. There were minor inconsistencies in organizational issues. But with the mines that provide support, always in touch and help them solve. But as for the treatment process at Helios Krefeld, everything is on the level. The result is satisfied.

Of the minuses - the discharge process is not fully organized, the time for receipt of documents is not specific and rather long. A translator is needed. After we returned from treatment, we are awaiting the receipt of documents (conclusions) from the clinic, we have not left us on this issue either.
Bookimed is a company of a good modern level, in any case do not think not to trust. The main thing is to keep the level and only raise it.

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The patient was treated of breast cancer inMedical Center in Solingen

Very quick and clear consultation of Bookimed coordinators. For several hours, they helped organize a consultation at the clinic and lure the flight. A transfer from the airport to the city was also organized. In the clinic, with the help of coordinators, a consultation with explanations was successfully held, diagnostics were carried out, and the treatment process started. Very good attitude of doctors.

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The patient underwent knee replacement inAsklepios St. Georg Clinic

The clinic is probably a good one, but everything was organized very illiterate and ugly, I planned to get to a specific doctor, who eventually turned out not to receive in this clinic, nobody told me about this, I was examined, I did not need.

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    Артём Apr 9, 2019

    альберт привет слушай у меня к тебе вопрос после того как ты сделал мрт головного мозга на бумаге с результатами обследования было всё написанно на немецком языке ?

The patient was treated of infertility inFertility Center Berlin

Everything was organized, received even a bit of misunderstanding due to language barrier. But thanks to Bookimed rep, it was dealt.
We have got our diagnostic & results handed to us as well.
Doctors gave us recommendations.
Thanks to Bookimed for Everything.

The patient was treated of sarcoma inHelios Berlin Buch

I think my story can support and inspire many people going through the rough period of uncertainty. So I was diagnosed with sarcoma in Dubai, the place where the level of medicine is extremely low. But even if you know you cannot trust the doctors, learning such news is very hard. My first idea was going to Germany for second opinion. After googling opportunities I sent a request to bookimed and got a call from medical coordinator Liza within 1 hour. Liza is an amazingly professional doctor but moreover she is a very compassionate and responsible person. She was with me through all my periods of doubts, questions and of course celebration. My visit to Berlin Buch was organized within 1 week’s time. And after 2 weeks I was in the hospital. Private Clinic in Berlin Buch is nice. But the most important is the doctors you meet there. My doctor – Juliane Bock is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. Attentive, professional, straight to the point and very understanding. Long story short. All the necessary tests and scans were made within 5 hours and I left the hospital for a 2 week waiting of my biopsy results. After 2 weeks I received a thorough reply from the hospital saying that the initial diagnosis was a mistake. And the tumor was benign. I am really grateful to Bookimed team and Berlin Buch team for helping me in every step of this hard period of my life, for support, professionalism and exceptional expertise.

The patient underwent check-up inMedical Center in Solingen

Excellent medical staff, very competent and thoughtful. Bookimed team was extremely helpful to identify the best type of medical investigation for our case. Overall, we are very grateful to everybody for all the care and support received in Solingen!

The patient was treated of prostate cancer inBremen-Mitte Clinic

I has a Skype conversation with doctor in Bremen-mitte clinic. Actually I was a very good option for me as I could not travel in the time being. The hopital meducal coordinator was supportive and she qas keen and she called me by phone 1 hour before the conversation with physician to confirm the time and she called me also to be sure that I am online to start tge conversation. The Bookimed medical doctor assistance was very helpful from the start minute I sent message to Bookimed. She called me on phone and took all the information to provide the best solution for my situation, I would like to thank her so much. She was answering me rapidly either through e-mail or WhatsApp after that. She was very cooperative and when I faced a problem with the time of conversation she rearrange another one rapidly.


    Liza Dudnik Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 25, 2019

    Dear Mam! Thank you for your positive review. I wish your father get well soon! Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The patient was treated of prostate cancer inAsklepios Hospital Barmbek

Excellent service from Bookimed medical doctor's assistance, the medical coordinator in clinic and everything went very well. The professor was great, took his time to explain and answer my questions.

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