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The patient was treated of stomach cancer inWiener Privatklinik

All is good. My dad is being treated in Wienna clinic and Profesor Dr. Zielinski is amazing. So thank you. We are very happy that dad is in good hands..Valeria xx
Angelina is an amazing Bookimed manager. She helped me so much that I cant thank her enough. She is calm, supportive, positive and always but always replies to my emails and my questions. :-) thank you Angelina. You truly are an angel.

Thank you also to Aleksandr. Thank you for your support and messages.


    Angelina Ivanenko Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 17, 2019

    Dear Valeria, Thank you so much for your lovely review :) I am happy to provide your father with all the necessary support during the treatment.

I can only speak about an online consultation I had which was good. The doctor was knowledgeable and professional.


    Stoian Daniela Aug 29, 2019

    Hello Can you help me please with information regarding an online consultation? How can this be done? What is the procedure? I need an online rheumatology consultation. Thank you in advance

The patient was treated of lung cancer inWiener Privatklinik

We’ ve got online discussion about our case. We are satisfied, also we appreciate the help from Mrs. Ivanenko.
Thanks for the assistance and we will keep in touch.


    Angelina Ivanenko Bookimed medical coordinator Aug 5, 2019

    Dear Mr. Tenev, Thank you for your kind words. We are always happy to assist you.

The patient was treated of ovarian cyst inWiener Privatklinik

My visit was good. I was guided by the staff through every step of the way and helped with everything I needed. Also, a very responsive team that answered all questions in a timely manner.


    Hugo Staryk Bookimed medical coordinator Jul 3, 2019

    Glad to hear your kind words. I hope everything will be well both for you and your daughter!

The patient was treated of colon cancer inWiener Privatklinik

If I know that everything dar being done through intermediaries, I do not think I would have turned to your service.

The patient was treated of myelodysplastic syndromes inVienna General Hospital (AKH)

Everything was organized clearly, punctually and carefully. Consultation took place at a fixed time. I received answers to all the questions that interested me.

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    Roman Barakov Representative of Wiener Privatklinik May 6, 2019

    Мы очень рады, что Вам всё понравилось. Мы всегда стараемся предоставить нашим пациентам максималыный комфорт и сервис и нам очень приятно, когда пациенты получают всё то, что ожидают получить от нас.

The patient underwent ankle replacement inWiener Privatklinik

We were looking for a clinic for a child, wrote Bookimed, our coordinator was Pavel !!! One feels that a person is interested in helping people !!! We have been looking for a clinic for a long time; not all clinics were ready to operate the child's clinic! And he offered Skype with a professor at the Vienna clinic, we agreed and did not regret it !!! We talked with the doctor, he looked at the child, answered all our questions! After us, Pavel connected with the coordinator at this clinic and with the girl who helped organize the trip (visa documents, accommodation, meeting at the airport, even translation, Thank you very much Barbara))). Lived 3 minutes from the clinic !!! we went to the clinic all examinations in 1 day, the coordinator of the clinic accompanied us everywhere, even 2, Nastya and Roman! The clinic is not at all like a hospital, like a hotel)

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    Paul Popkov Bookimed medical coordinator Feb 26, 2019

    Ольга, здравствуйте!Спасибо за отзыв! Мы все еще с Вами на связи по всем вопросам!

The patient was treated of lung cancer inWiener Privatklinik

We were satisfied with arrangement, coordination and consultation. Everyone was professional.the Clinic itself is for recomendation

The patient was treated of polyposis inWiener Privatklinik

Yes they are providing good services , Dr. kamel kopty was very helpful
Price for colonscopy costed more than 3200 euro
While Dr. Maryna estimated it at 1400 euro in one of the correspondences


    Maryna Slysarenko Bookimed medical coordinator Feb 15, 2019

    Dear Mr. Hamdy, thanks a lot for your feedback. Just to clarify again this price difference, let me notice, please, that the primary estimation was informed by the clinic for the package of consultation and colonoscopy as diagnostic procedure. As during your visit it was revealed that additional procedure and investigation should be done, the final cost increased. So, I kindly ask you to accept my apologies for this inconvenience, as I should predict the possible necessity of additional expenses before. We highly appreciate your trust and understanding.

The patient was treated of lung cancer inWiener Privatklinik

Very fast reaction from Bookimed in communication. Initial discussion was for an appointment in AKH and subsequently we have been forwarded to the Privatklinik. The Klinik looks very well managed. We still did not proceed with the treatment and I'm not currently able to share opinion about the Clinic itself and the treatment (will come back soon, once have treatment there). I've been in the Wiener Privatklinik for a consultation. I manage to meet the exact doctors/professors for which I was looking for a contact and did a good job. The whole story was organized and managed by Bookimed with care for the patient. Angelina Ivanenko was my contact in Bookimed and even she was on vacation for the Christmas holidays she did not put on hold the communication. For us this was very important that we are not losing time.

The patient was treated of ovarian cancer inWiener Privatklinik

Very warm attitudes towards patients in this clinic, attentive nurses. Everyone wants to help, makes any concessions. I am very pleased to be here and undergo treatment.

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The patient was treated of muscle atrophy inWiener Privatklinik

Hi my name is vasile lupan date of birth 01 01 1991 and i have big problem with my shoulder and arm no have power atrofy muscular. In date 13.08.2018 i visit privit clinik viena me belive there my problem is ready finish but no. I visit privit clink but tell me about my problem maybe after 5 years have somerhing solution

The patient was treated of ovarian cancer inWiener Privatklinik

The clinic seems to be normal, conditions are good. The doctor is competent enough, so far, at this stage. , many patients, it is necessary to wait for a place in the ward.

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The patient was treated of ovarian cancer inVienna General Hospital (AKH)

what is relevant is that without bookimed help I will not reach the clinic and the specialized doctor for an opinion (the name of specialized doctor being recommended by Bookimed.
from this perspective, I thank you a lot for your support and help in order to get rapid access to information and support and respectively to solution for my future treatment. thank you.

The patient was treated of alzheimer's disease inWiener Privatklinik

Dr.Hausen was great! She gave us a lot of attention, listened to our problem carefully, examined our medical reports and gave us a lot of information for our problem and suggested solutions and ways of improving my father’s quality of life!

The patient underwent vaccination inWiener Privatklinik

We were satisfied with the bookimed service and the clinic in Vienna, which we were selected. In Vienna, everything was as comfortable as possible. We were met by a driver at the airport and taken to the hotel. In the morning was taken to the clinic. I liked everything - the coordinator, the doctor and the translator.
Already recommend to our friends.

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The patient underwent check-up inWiener Privatklinik

It was a nice experience all through. I am happy with all my handlers. I am even happier that I got everything done in the same day. I thought it was impossible to get it done in one week. Thank you so much and i shall contact you anytime I am in Vienna. I have also designated the VIENNA CLINIC as my hospital

Kind regards!

The patient was treated of pancreatic cancer inConfraternitaet Private Hospital

I was not in the hospital. I asked just a second opinion. I was very disappointed, because I was working a lot to translate all the documentation into English, and finally I was discussing with doctor only 10 minutes, and the level of the discussion was very poor. Practically I did not get anything for 400 EUR.

Reply from Professor Johaness Drach:

Second opinion is given on the basis of a thorough analyses of provided medical reports. The procedure lasts as long until all questions of the patient have been clarified. If necessary specialists of other disciplines are also involved. The patient always receive a written statement.

The patient was treated of retinal detachment inDöbling Private Hospital

I was very pleased with everything at the clinic and the coordinator Mariana Zaiarna. The overall good impression was ruined by mr. Roman.

The patient underwent stroke rehabilitation inLassnitzhoehe Private Clinic


For the first time, I sincerely want to leave a response, because it can save someone's life. My husband suffered a stroke, I will miss the details, as this can draw on the book ... But the point is that this is a great grief, as in principle any disease. After the ordeals and treatment, by the way, among our best specialists my husband could remain disabled. How pathetic it did not sound, but Bookimed was sent by fate. After discussing the diagnosis, my wishes and requirements, we went to the clinic in Laznitzhoe (Austria) And then starting from A to Z I can assure that everything was at the highest level. Special thanks to all the doctors of the clinic, Dr. Anne and the translator Manuel. Accommodation, treatment, medication and accompaniment of an interpreter were included in the price. My being with my husband was also unhindered and cared for me, too. This is not just a course of therapy, treatment, but also care and a wonderful atmosphere of the clinic, the staff and the wonderful nature around. In this all the most important thing is that my expectations from treatment not only justified, but also surpassed. Do not waste time on treatment here, and the sooner you get into a country where people are responsibly treated and their health as the highest value, the sooner you will be cured. I love my country, we pay taxes here, but we can not get quality medicines or treatment even for money and spend only our health, and it's priceless) Thanks a lot Bookimed, I hope that you will continue to keep this level. In the mountain is very important someone's support and guarantee that the services will be of high quality - it gives HOPE))) p.s. World peace

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