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Uwe Neubauer

Medical Doctor
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Medical Doctor
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Privatdozent Dr. Neubauer holds a position of Director of Neurosurgery in Bremen-Mitte Clinic (one of the Hospital of Gesundheit Nord-Klinikverbund Bremen).

Dr. Uwe Neubauer specializes in:

  • neurosurgery of the brain, peripheral nerves and spinal cord diseases;
  • neurotraumatology;
  • Deep Brain Stimulation;
  • nerve transplant;
  • pituitary gland tumors;
  • neurosurgery operations on the brain during bleeding or defect;
  • microsurgical treatment of compressive syndromes, i.e. carpal tunnel disease (in particular recurring).

Moreover, Dr. Uwe Neubauer has an extended research works concerning neurological disorders and brain tumors.