Itzhak Fried

Itzhak Fried


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Professor Itzhak Fried is one of the best neurosurgeon and neuroscientist in the world.

Dr. Fried graduated from Stanford University with following training at Yale University (both USA).

Prof. Itzhak Fried specializes in:

  • advanced brain surgeries in children and adults
  • epilepsy treatment (including surgical) and researches
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Functional brain mapping
  • Epilepsy-related vascular malformations treatment.

Scientific discoveries of Prof. Fried:

  • innovative approach to study the nature and development of epilepsy seizures
  • new methods for recovery speech and memory disorders secondary to epilepsy
  • modern programs for management of patients with epilepsy and new treatment guides.

Currently Professor recieves patients at Ichilov Hospital (Israel), teaches at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Yale University (both USA), Tel-Aviv Medical Center (Israel).

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Was in the clinic Medican on the recommendation of the coordinator Alexander. He quickly and clearly noted all the questions I was interested in, wrote down for a consultation. Meets the translator, so there are no language barriers. The first time I signed up for a consultation with a gynecologist-reproductologist Selman Lasin. It has to itself immediately. Very neat in inspection. Offers different treatment options based on your wishes and material capabilities. Very competent doctor! After consultation with him immediately decided on IVF. We arrived on the trail. Cycle with a spouse. The professor himself conducts the whole cycle. All staff is very attentive, sensitive and friendly. I was very pleased and recommend to everyone !!!

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The patient was treated of migraine

I stayed very long to see a doctor in Liv clinic such super doctors

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The clinic can not evaluate, since I was there for one hour. He came with his analyzes, they didn’t say anything new, maybe this is good. Although I did not want to know.

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