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Gökhan Yuncu
Professor. Experience: 32 years
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Gökhan Yuncu

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  • Position: Professor
  • Experience: 32 years
  • Languages: English

Thoracic Surgeon, Prof. Gökhan Yuncu.

Professor Yuncu belongs to Turkish top thoracic surgeons. He is well-known in medical circles of Central and Eastern Europe. Prof. Yuncu has made over 6000 thoracic surgeries. Success rate of the surgeries is over 95%.

Directions of Prof. Yuncu:

  • Lung cancer surgical treatment;
  • Video-assisted thoracic surgery;
  • Bronchoplastic methods;
  • Invasive diagnosis;
  • Sympathotomy;
  • Mediastinal tumors;
  • Bronchiectasis.

Professional experience and education:

  • 1985 — graduated from Anadolu Medical University;
  • 1985-1991 — worked in emergency department of Ordu-Fatsa Medical Center;
  • 1992 — upgrade training at the hospital of thoracic surgery;
  • 1993-2005 — worked as assistant professor at thoracic surgery department in Pamukkale University;
  • 2008 - was awarded a degree of professor;

Total experience - 32 years.

Scientific attainments of Prof. Yuncu

Gökhan Uncu widely participates in international medical conferences and is an author of many scientific papers. His works are published by prestigious medical journals:

  • Almanac of European Surgery;
  • Turkish Journal of Thoracic Surgery;
  • Pamukkale Medical Journal.

Current place of work

Chief thoracic surgeon at LIV Hospital.

Cost of consultation and treatment in Prof. Yuncu

You can find information about consultation, diagnostics and surgical treatment in coordinators of International Patient Support Center Bookimed (consultations are free).

Membership in associations

  • Turkish Surgery Association;
  • European Society of Thoracic Surgeons;
  • European Council for Lung Cancer.


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