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Has extensive experience in treating gastrointestinal cancers (stomach, small intestine, sigmoid colon, rectum, hepatic, pancreas tumors), all types of lung cancer, gynecologic neoplasms (uterine and ovarian cancers).

Author of more than 30 national and international scientific papers regarding malignancy treatment;

Member of European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), Turkish Association of Oncologists, Medical Oncology Community.

Dr. Derin is a leading specialist in the field of medical oncology.

Her name is well known among Turkish and European oncologists.

She is an expert in the diagnostics and complex care of malignant neoplastic diseases.

Currently Duygu Derin works as a leading oncologist at LIV Hospital.

Education: In 1987 Dr. Derin graduated from Galatasaray Medical High School and then achieved a Medical Doctor rank at Medical Faculty of Istanbul University in 1993.

Academic experience: In 2010 she was promoted to the scholastic degree of Associate Professor. Prof. Duygu Derin has publications in a variety of Turkish and international medical magazines: 27 international articles, 8 national articles.

Improving of practical qualification:

  • Completed the internship on Internal diseases program in Taksim Training and Research Hospital;
  • Professional development courses in Kayseri Hospital;
  • Worked as oncologist in Istanbul Hospital;
  • Worked on a position of oncologist at Neolife Medical Center.