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General questions

We are the International Patient Support Center. We unite 221 clinics from 23 countries, currently being the unique international organization on patient support.

Bookimed provides service to a patient at all stages: from initial consultations of “family physician” format, diagnostics, clinic and doctor selection to full support during and after the treatment. In addition to service and medical support, Bookimed acts as a guarantor of fair financial relationship between a clinic and patient, we check every account for compliance with basic prices and the volume of provided medical services.

Our work is supported by 221 clinics in 23 countries. We are not representatives of any particular clinic(s). Bookimed is an independent organization of experts who help patients to choose the most appropriate treatment and specialist.

Bookimed consolidates 221 clinics that meet the standards of foreign patients reception. The call comes from an independent of any clinic doctor-coordinator.

The call comes to a patient from the coordinator center responsible for your region.

Yes, we provide extensive support to patients, including visa. Before submitting the documents to the visa center, it is necessary to receive an official invitation from the clinic. If a patient requires emergency hospitalization, it is possible to obtain a visa (to some countries) in an accelerated mode.

If you are going to diagnostics or treatment, you should have an official program from the clinic, which requires your passport details. Passport information and medical records are also used to make an individual patient's card in the clinic and invite you to arrive at the diagnostics.

Your medical records are sent to a clinic where a multidisciplinary team of doctors conduct a council and determine the algorithm of further actions in the diagnostics and treatment.


International Patient Support Center Bookimed is financed by 221 clinics that meet the standards of foreign patients reception. A patient pays only for the provided medical services in the hospital.

The cost is calculated individually and depends on the volume, the number of procedures, designated by a doctor after diagnostics and consultation. Estimated cost will be provided after the medical council for your specific case.

You pay for the diagnostics/treatment directly in the clinic. Payment methods can vary from clinic to clinic. There are several ways to make payment: cash, bank transfer, credit card through the payment terminal. You may clarify all peculiarities of payment for treatment in the particular hospital with Bookimed coordinator.


Clinics are selected on the basis of medical indications and patient's personal preferences. The priority is given to hospitals that can achieve the best possible treatment outcome. Often, a clinic itself is not the key factor, because treatment success depends more on the professionalism and experience of a doctor.

There are a number of factors, determining the clinic success in treatment of a specific disease: specialized doctor’s experience and professionalism, modern equipment and high level of service for foreign patients. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best hospital for your specific case.

Yes, Bookimed will provide all necessary support to a patient in emergency cases in a shortest possible time, along with organisation of additional services: medical evacuation, visit of a specialist from foreign clinics to your country, remote consultation with a specialist by phone or web conference if necessary.

The guarantee of effectiveness of the treatment program is the clinic statistics, success rate of performed operations, doctor’s qualification and experience, equipment of a hospital.

Yes, a local coordinator will help you with any local issues, and Bookimed doctor-coordinator will be always in touch.

In the case of hospitalization you will stay in the clinic. If the treatment is outpatient, it is possible to stay in the hotel or apartments located next to clinic — as you prefer.