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About Bookimed

What is Bookimed?
How do we work?
What hospital do you represent?
What hospital are you calling from?
Where do you call from?

Bookimed service

What services do you provide?
Is it possible to get a remote consultation?
How to get a remote consultation?

Cost and payment of services

How much do Bookimed services cost?
How much do diagnostics and treatment cost?
How to pay for treatment?
Do you give a discount?

Medical solutions

How do you choose a hospital?


Does a hospital guarantee effectiveness of treatment?

Bookimed medical doctors

Who is Bookimed medical doctor?
Why do doctors consult at Bookimed?
What do Bookimed doctors specialize in?
What languages do doctors-coordinators speak?

Arranging your trip

Do you assist with medical visa applying?
Is it possible to organize treatment in urgent cases?
Will somebody meet me at the airport? How can I get to a hospital?
What language do doctors speak in a hospital?
Who can solve unforeseen issues appeared during the treatment?
Where will I live during the treatment?
What conditions and wards are in a hospital?

Personal data

Is it necessary to send you my medical records?
Why do you need my passport data?
Who has access to my medical and personal information?

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