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The best specialists around the world have achieved success in the treatment of autism with stem cells, although in many countries this method is not used. The correct selection of stem cell types and stem cell therapy for autism treatment itself can return children to normal life.

Motol University Hospital
Czech Republic, Prague
The patient underwent gastrointestinal examination

Services were provided only for 30% of the agreement. The refund was partially and only after proceedings. Without trial, the agency side of the incident was silent. The doctor did not look conscientiously and very short. He did not appoint any examinations. The only advice I received from Dr. Urbanek: "is that I can and do not eat what I can not, (given the fact that I have been sitting on a baby's diet for a year)," Excellent, advice! Thank you! For this it was worth to fly to the Czech Republic and pay money. I saw the disdainful attitude of the doctors and the enormous pressure from the administrative staff who served me. The trip was extremely dissatisfied and disappointed. I got the worst result that I could only imagine. As for the coordinator of Svetlana Kalishnichenko, she performs the work at the highest level. Very intelligent, professional person. It's very pleasant to work with her.

Oct 3, 2017
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Russian Federation
The patient was treated of ulcerative colitis

Jan 31, 2018
The patient was treated of scoliosis

Cooperation with the clinic left a pleasant impression. Support and understanding on the part of translators. Many thanks to coordinator Lyudmila. Lyudmila quickly solved all the issues that arise during the visit and before. A real professional and a wonderful person.

Mar 10, 2018
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The patient was treated of uterine fibroids

Good morning! Since I was waiting for an operation for gynecology, I wanted to once again consult an independent opinion, so I turned to you. On arrival, I phoned with the medical consultant Lyudmila, met at the Motol clinic. Very quickly registered, along with the translator Ada passed to the doctor Roman Khmel. The doctor at first listened to me, then he examined the ultrasound. I was very surprised that my situation is not critical and the operation should not be rushed, but only observed. Thank you very much! Thanks to Lyudmila and Ada! Later I was sent to the post office for a check-up, on Monday I go to my doctor. It's such a joy, to avoid surgery! Thanks again!

Mar 16, 2018
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Saudi Arabia
The patient underwent check-up

Apr 14, 2018
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Prices on autism treatment with stem cells

Medical Centre Institute of Family Medicine Plus

Stem cell therapy for autism is conducted at the Regenerative Medicine Department in Institute of Family Medicine “Plus” Medical Center. The treatment lasts for 10 days. The duration of the preoperative period is 7 days. Full examination lasts for 2-3 days.

Specialists use fetal and umbili...

Mar 13, 2018

the treatment was at the highest level, starting with the airport, we were greeted very warmly, taken to the hotel, which we chose, given our difficulties (son on wheelchair). The treatment started fr...

Yuriy Romanenko
Yuriy Romanenko


The patient was treated of multiple sclerosis

the treatment was at the highest level, starting with the airport, we were greeted very warmly, taken to the hotel, which we chose, given our difficulties (son on wheelchair). The treatment started from the first day, tests, droppers, vitamin injections and, of course , stem fetal cells due to which, in fact, we arrived. In Israel we were refused because it is not included in the basket, but privately we have it worth five times more expensive, we were ten days and every day we were taken away from the hotel and returned, we want to note the extreme goodwill of the whole team, m felt comfortable with our family, and we became close people during our stay. Professionalism at the highest level, we Israelis already know this, now we have to wait for the results of treatment, it all depends on the organism of my son, but most importantly, we believe that doctors did their best !!!

Mar 13, 2018
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How is autism treated with stem cells?

Stem cells usually are used to treat autism with the main goal - to trigger brain development. Stem cell therapy gives an opportunity the children with autism to develop the most important skills for them (speaking, writing, understanding and others).

As a result of the treatment of autism with stem cells a child:

  • becomes more contact;
  • adapted to the social environment;
  • begins to write, draw, and go in for sports;
  • begins to understand more things;
  • becomes more diligent;
  • starts to learn something new.

How effective is stem cell therapy for autism treatment?

The main therapeutic effect is achieved due to the regeneration of damaged neuronal links, the creation of new neural connections to the brain and other parts of the nervous system. Stem therapy does not guarantee a complete recovery, but it significantly improves the quality of life of the patients.

✔ If you have any questions, you can contact our Doctor-Coordinator who will provide you with all the necessary information about the effectiveness of stem cell treatment

Benefits of autism treatment with stem cells

  • effectiveness and safety;
  • absence of complications and side effects;
  • using of a patient’s own stem cells primary;
  • small amount of tissue is needed for the therapy;
  • absence of immune and allergic reactions.

Stem cell therapy process for autism

Stem cell therapy consists of 2 steps:

  • consultation of a doctor (a specialist evaluates and approves a treatment program for a child);
  • medical procedure (it’s a painless cells injection almost without side effects).

Positive effects are visible within 3 - 6 months after the therapy in the most cases. Sometimes even a few days are enough for a considerable result.

Cost of stem cell therapy for autism

The cost of stem cell therapy for autism varies in different countries. There are some countries in the world that provide stem cell therapy for autism treatment. Among them are Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Republic of Korea and the Czech Republic.

How much does stem cell therapy cost for autism? The autism stem cell therapy cost depends on the country and the clinic.

Factors that affect price of autism stem cell treatment

The cost of stem cell therapy for autism treatment may vary in different medical centers depending on:

  • standard of the room (single, double or VIP);
  • room service (presence of the room mate, nursing fee and meals);
  • medicines;
  • type of stem cells used;
  • amount of stem cells injections;
  • availability of a donor for stem cells;
  • level of doctor’s experience.

Most of stem cell treatment steps are included to the price of the therapy. In some cases only few of them may be contained. Usually the patients are provided with transfer to/from an airport, meals and medications.

✔ To find out more about the stem cell therapy cost for autism treatment, you can submit a request and Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator will call you back and answer all your questions.

Reviews of stem cell therapy for autism

5 years ago our son was diagnosed with autsm. We were scared and tried everything to cure our child. But that treatment options weren’t enough. After all these efforts our son received stem cell treatments for autism. The improvements after the treatment are amazing. He can’t speak yet, but can say some words. Today he has 20 words and use them regularly. We have noticed that eye contact, focus and reactions become better. We think that there will be more better changes. This treatment has changed my family’s life. John, Miami

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The patient was treated of back pain

Yes, we are very satisfied with the clinic, the doctors are very attentive. The survey was very quick and productive. We are also very satisfied with the treatment. Thank you very much for the doctors and the staff.

Apr 25, 2018
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The patient was treated of kidney cyst

After I got the address of the doctor needed, I managed to see him, but everyone was surprised by my visit. The doctor was not aware that I was going to meet him, the staff were all surprised. They were not aware of bookmed at all neither did they know the focal person who linked me with the hospital. The doctor told me he would send a preliminary report on the patient. I never got the report. Please let me know what happened? Is it scam or something?

Apr 24, 2018
The patient was treated of paralysis
The patient underwent diagnostic

Having trusted Bookimed, we were not mistaken. Recommended Okan Clinic really impressive. The newest, with excellent equipment, clinic. excellent doctor, very attentive and fundamental punctual approach to the problem of the patient. Lovely doctor, professor orthopedics and a wonderful man Theoman Benley and his team. Our coordinator is in the Guzel Clinic. I want to convey my sincere thanks to all! Thanks to our coordinator from Bookimed Catherine! May the Almighty keep you and your loved ones!

Apr 22, 2018
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United States
The patient was treated of thyroid disease

Thank you for checking in. I'm so glad I'm back at this hospital, as they pulled up my records of 4 years ago, which helps. Today they took very good care of me, and took a biopsy of the spot on my face, now I have 5 stitches! It is very good I came now. I will continue on Monday with more... Thank you, this is a very good hospital.

Apr 20, 2018

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