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Nemocnice Na Homoloce is a multidisciplinary
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As a child I was engaged in gymnastics, and the threat to lose my motor activity was very traumatic. I began to withdraw into myself, until my husband sent me to the hospital called "Na Homolce." After spending some time testing, I was offered to replace the left knee joint with an implant. The operation was successful, but my long rehabilitation... Read full review
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Using Bookimed, 119 patients received individual treatment program in Hadassah Medical Center

Replace the hip joint in Israel: the peculiarities of the Hadassah Medical Organization

The Orthopedic Department carries out more than 600 such surgeries annually. They are performed by well known Israeli orthopedist, Professor Meir Liebergall. For outstanding achievements in this field,

Hadassah Hospital is among the members of the International Society of Orthopaedic Centers (ISOC).

What is the preoperative preparation in Israel?

Joint damage can be caused by several reasons. Traditionally this injury and certain diseases (osteoarthritis, bone tuberculosis, infections of bone tissue). It is accompanied by severe pain and decreased mobility of the joint. Radical method of treatment is total endoprosthesis - joint replacement with a prosthesis.

To appoint endoprosthesis replacement and make a treatment plan, a patient has to undergo a number of diagnostic analysis, including blood and synovial fluid laboratory tests, MRI, ultrasound, and X-ray.

What is the cost of endoprosthesis in Hadassah Hospital?

The cost of the procedure depends on the type of implant and its mount, and starts from USD 19,000.

What is the procedure of endoprosthesis replacement in the medical institution?

Doctors use a unique system of computer navigation during the surgery, which allows to perform smaller incisions (of 5 cm), and reduces the total time of the procedure. All manipulations are carried out under general or local anesthesia.

What is the aftertreatment rehabilitation in the hospital?

Rehabilitation in the clinic is aimed at full patient’s return to the active life. It includes early physical load and special exercises, strengthening the muscles of the injured leg. This helps to achieve high results in 6-8 weeks after the endoprosthesis replacement.

What is the effectiveness of joint replacement in the hospital?

The use of modern treatment methods and prostheses of known manufacturers from the USA and Switzerland led to the fact that more than 90% of procedures have no complications.

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Every patient feels like in a
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Heidelberg University Hospital is clinical center
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Hats off to you, my dear. Thank you for curing my infertility, giving the chance to have a long-awaited child. My husband and I were waiting for this. Now we have a beautiful son! Thank you also for the care and personal involvement during the diagnostics and treatment. Everything went perfectly. And my stay with you was more like rest than... Read full review
Review on treatment of infertility
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Severance Hospital in Korea is an

Why do the orthopedists recommend the hip joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

The medical center has perfect indicators of prosthesis survival, as no cases of contagious complications have been recorded yet. Kardiolita doctors provide all kinds of surgeries for the hip joint. The experience of the majority of the surgeons goes up to 20-35 years, as the doctors carry out about 200 surgeries on joint replacement per year. The world-class experts work here, such as Prof. Narūnas Porvaneckas MD and Sigitas Ryliškis MD PhD.

The qualitative prostheses of US, German and French production are implanted that guarantees tens of years of functioning without any revision required.

What are the diagnostic procedures prior to hip joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

  • Detection of the bone tissue density by densitometer to define the osteopenia or osteoporosis stage, which is important while selecting the type of prosthesis
  • X-ray or ultrasound of the joints and surrounding soft tissues
  • Doppler scanning of the related zone
  • Contrast-based MRI and CT appointed under the complicated clinical cases, i.e. tumors or blood vessels abnormalities
  • Testing of the blood, urine and joint capsule liquid

The price for hip joint replacement may depend on various factors. Clarify the price for joint hip replacement, including the diagnostics price-list by Bookimed website!

What is the procedure of hip joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

  • Conduction anesthesia (the patient is conscious). The general anesthesia is applied if any psychological discomfort (agreed upon) arises
  • The surgery takes 40-60 min
  • The newest designs of the implants are used. The following friction pairs are applied: metal-plastic, metal-metal, ceramics-ceramics produced in Germany, US and France
  • The patient can walk on the next day after the surgery under the normal condition of the muscular system
  • Rehabilitation period includes the instructions on usage of the prosthesis
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We contacted Bookimed for help in organizing the consultation with angiosurgeon and duplex scanning of brachiocephalic arteries. Due to professional care of Bookimed coordinator Svetlana Kalinichenko we chose Kardiolita clinic in Vilnius and appointed date of the diagnostics. Because of the change of plans we needed to change the date of the... Read full review
Inha University Hospital in Incheon is
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