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TOP prostate cancer treatment centers in the world

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The overall rating of clinics specialized in Prostate Cancer, based on Bookimed patients experience.

Prostate cancer treatment centers

Patients with diagnosis “prostate cancer” have to not hesitate and start treatment immediately. The first step to successful recovery is correctly chosen hospital. TOP prostate cancer treatment centers suggest a full range of services and guarantee up to 95% recovery rate due to using low-traumatic innovative surgery equipment (e.g. Da Vinci robotic system) and applying new drugs.

Bookimed helps to find best prostate cancer treatment centers (in Germany, Israel, Turkey, India, etc.) individually for each case taking into account patient’s health condition, his/her location and financial ability.

There is a list of prostate cancer centers ranking below. Leave a request, and Doctor-Coordinator will contact you in shortest term for giving all necessary information.

clinic of Acibadem Health Group

Turkey, Istanbul

Prices for treatment

15000 - 21000$
1500 - 2500$

clinic of The Krakow University Hospital

Poland, Krakоw

Oncology Department of Fortis Healthcare

India, Gurgaon
1 review

Network of health hospitals Fortis Healthcare is represented in many countries of Asia and has many years of experience in treating patients from all over the world. Total network includes 62 medical clinics complex, an increasing number of which are located in the territory of India.

Oct 6, 2016

Look for a doctor Neurologists with experience in treating Chiari syndrome Arnaud...

Oct 6, 2016

Look for a doctor Neurologists with experience in treating Chiari syndrome Arnaud

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Prostate cancer treatment cost

Each patient before going for treatment wants to know prices of therapies for prostate cancer. The cost may vary due to the following factors:

  • stage of the disease (1, 2, 3 or 4);
  • a set of procedures necessary for an accurate establishing of diagnosis;
  • treatment strategy;
  • patient’s general health condition;
  • price policy of the chosen hospital;
  • doctor’s professionalism who provides treatment of prostate cancer.

To get a precise treatment plan and the invoice of procedures, leave a request on Bookimed.

There is an approximate cost calculation below for some procedures necessary for prostate cancer treatment.

HIFU for prostate cancer treatment cost

High intensity focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU) is a hi-tech method of local treatment of tumors which influence on the source of malignant cells without damaging skin cover, neighboring organs and tissues. Success rate of this procedure is up to 85%.

HIFU is applied in the leading world prostate cancer treatment centers: in Germany, Israel, France, China, Turkey, India, etc.

The HIFU cost for prostate cancer treatment varies depending on the chosen hospital and country. For instance, price for HIFU in German clinics is approximately €12,000, in Israel - €14,000. In India or Turkey the cost of this procedure may be 20-40% lower.

Prostate cancer robotic surgery cost

Doctors at the best prostate cancer centers in the world prefer applying minimally invasive operations, which are more effective and less traumatic than traditional surgery. One of the most innovative developments is Da Vinci robotic system using which less traumatic prostatectomy is conducted. This type of surgery decreases postoperative complications, development of impotency, risk of infection. Surgery on Da Vinci robot is painless, and the period of hospitalization lasts only 6-7 days.

The cost of prostate cancer robotic surgery varies. Price for this procedure in Germany is from €18,000, in Israel - $25,000, in Czech Republic - €12,000, in India - from $5,500.

Removal of prostate can be also conducted by traditional surgical method, in this case the cost of prostatectomy is lower nearly 35%but a risk of postoperative complications is higher.

Best prostate cancer doctors

The success rate of the treatment hugely depends of the experience and professionalism of chosen prostate cancer doctorUsually patients need a help to find the best prostate cancer specialists, and Bookimed can give any information regarding this issue.

There is a list of top prostate cancer doctors who work in the leading world hospitals. They are specialists in development of treatment program of prostate cancer, providing surgery using traditional method and Da Vinci robotic system:

  • Prof. Sebastian Melchior: leading German urologist according to Focus magazine ranking working at Gesundheit Nord Bremen;
  • Dr. Meyer David Gershbaum is a specialist in conducting operation on Da Vinci robot, works at Sourasky Medical Center in Israel;
  • Prof. Haim Matskin is a Head of Urology Department in leading Israeli Hospital Ichilov;
  • Prof. Andreas Gross is Top urologist of Germany working at Asklepios Medical Center;
  • Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek is an experienced specialist of robotic surgery for prostate cancer treatment. He is recommended by the US Intuitive Surgical (Da Vinci developer) as a professional in the field of robotic surgery, works in St. Zdislava Hospital.

There is only a short list of best prostate cancer surgeons. If you need the information about specialist working in other country, leave a quote Bookimed site.

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Oncology Department of The Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic

Latvia, Jūrmala
Cyprus, Northern Cyprus

Prices for treatment

starting 18000€

Oncology Department of Clinico Sant`Ambrogio

Italy, Milan

Oncology Department of Ospedale San Raffaele

Italy, Milan

Prices for diagnostics

starting 1707€

clinic of Alfried Krupp Krankenhaus

Germany, Essen

Oncology Department of BLK Super Speciality Hospital

India, Delhi

BLK Hospital is one of the largest private clinics and is ranked among top 10 Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in Delhi. The Hospital specializes in bone marrow transplant, cancer treatment, bariatric surgery and cardiology. BLK Hospital monitors innovations and uses the analogues o...

Kapil Kumar

Director of Surgical Oncology

Oncology Department of Hospital Quiron Barcelona

Spain, Barcelona
31-41 of 98 clinics

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