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Best Multiple Sclerosis (MS) centers for treatment and diagnostics

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Neurology Department of Clinic Under Tezniami

Poland, Ciechocinek

Neurology Department of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani

India, Mumbai

Neurology Department of All-India Institute of Medical Sciences

India, Delhi

2.5 million people around the world are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis disease. MS still has no cure, however this does not mean people with the disease are disabled.

MS patients from the USA, Europe, Canada and New Zealand, where MS is more common, go to the best multiple sclerosis centers in Germany, Israel, India, Turkey and Spain to:

  • minimize symptoms and productivity losses
  • visit the best MS doctors
  • take alternative to medical therapy treatment
  • find more appropriate multiple sclerosis treatment cost
  • get access to MS rehabilitation programs.

Diagnostic of MS - visit multiple sclerosis neurologist

According to the MS Society, 81% of patients were diagnosed with another diagnosis at first.

In 2016, University of Vermont provided a study and found out that “72 % of the misdiagnosed patients took medication to treat a disease they didn't have.” This statistics is explained by insufficient level of knowledge of local specialists and out-of-date diagnostic equipment.

Make sure that the diagnosis is made by a neurologist specialized in MS exactly! In other case, get a second opinion from best multiple sclerosis doctors of the world.

Treatment in best multiple sclerosis centers

Medicinal treatment

The correctly diagnosed or undiagnosed MS and following selected therapies affect the prognosis for the disease development.

Mostly, immune modulating drugs have strong side effects. If a patient is prescribed to take improper medicine, it can aggravate the health condition of a patient or cause other illness.

It’s necessary to remember multiple sclerosis neurologists make a treatment plan only after careful diagnostics, apply only FDA-approved drugs, and correct therapies if the drugs do not modify the symptoms and attacks.

Stem cells

Stem cell therapy is alternative option for MS treating. The wide therapy usage for the disease started approx. 30 years ago. Today it is proven that stem cells improve MS patients’ quality of life (walking, vision, etc), increase the period of remission.

Clinical trials

Top multiple sclerosis centers and research institutes continue to study the disease and search treatment options. Currently clinical trials are provided in the USA, Europe (Essen Hospital, Germany) and Asia (Samsung Medical Center, Korea).

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Neurology Department of Ev.Wald Hospital

Germany, Berlin

Neurology Department of Burger Hospital

Germany, Frankfurt

Neurology Department of Clinic Villa Stuart

Italy, Rome

Neurology Department of State Hospital Edith Wolfson

Israel, Holon

Neurology Department of Confraternität Private Hospital

Austria, Vienna

Prices for diagnostics

Biochemical blood analysis
starting 510€

Neurology Department of Clinic Tharandter Wald

Germany, Dresden

Neurology Department of Bavaria in Kreischa

Germany, Kreischa
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