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Best hospitals for lung cancer treatment

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The overall rating of clinics specialized in Lung cancer, based on Bookimed patients experience.

On this page you can see top lung cancer hospitals. These are one of the best clinics specialized in oncology treatment, lung cancer surgery. They have high patient survival rates, level of medical care and all necessary equipment, like cutting-edge radiotherapy apparatus (CyberKnife, Novalis).

Among medical stuff there are world's best oncologists who have a lot of experience in lung cancer, like:

  • Ph.D. Axel Stang - one of the best oncologists in Germany, Head of the Oncology Department at Asklepios (Germany).
  • Prof. Ofer Merimsky - Israeli leading specialist in the treatment of lung cancer, Head of the National Center for Sarcomas at Sourasky MC (Israel).

Thoracic surgeons who specialize in general chest surgery, like:

  • Prof. Altan Kir - the USA and Belgium-trained expert in robotic thoracic surgery with over 15 years of experience. At Anadolu MC (Turkey).
  • Prof. Walter Klepetko is a world-known thoracic surgeon (laser surgery of metastases) from Austria, President of European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS).

Leave a request and our doctors-coordinators will help you find the best care possible for your situation. Whether it is at a major cancer center or personalized care at private hospital.

Oncology Department of Harley Street at UCH Cancer Centre

United Kingdom, London

Oncology Department of Royal Brompton and Harefield

United Kingdom, London

Oncology Department of Harley Street Clinic

United Kingdom, London

Cost of lung cancer treatment

Average cost of lung cancer treatment abroad depends on a country patient chooses to undegro treatment to, on the type of cancer and duration of treatment, and whether a patient is treated in a state clinic or private hospital.

Lung cancer treatment usually requires more than one procedure. The cost depends on cancer treatment medicines and surgeon's fee.

Depending on its type, lung cancer surgery can cost from $15,000 in Turkey to $37,000 in Israel. Chemotherapy, which can take as much as $1,000 a course depending on the drug used. For aggressive forms of cancer with metastasis price of radiation therapy can go up to $50,000.

Immunotherapy is the most high-priced treatment. For instance, Nivolumab (Opdivo) costs $1,070 a dose, Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) $2,000 a dose, Erlotinib (Tarceva) - $2,800.

Patients with lung cancer are typically hospitalized for 7 days. Hospital stay billed separately, therefore one needs to take into account its cost too. That can vary from €148 a day in Germany to €680 in Austria.

It is important to know, that lung cancer treatment cost significantly differs in each individual case. To get the full treatment plan and its cost send a request and our doctor-coordinator will contact you.

Treatment for lung cancer

There are 3 typical approaches to the treatment of cancer: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in different combinations.

Advanced treatments for lung cancer:

  • VATS - video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, which takes place in the early stages of lung cancer, is proven to reduce mortality compared with open lobectomy (NCCN);
  • In addition to standard methods of radiation therapy (CT-planned 3D-CRT), several certified clinics apply advanced methods - 4D-CT and/or PET/CT simulation, IMRT/VMAT, IGRT, motion management, proton therapy.
Getting to know lung cancer staging and treatment

This video explains staging of lung cancer and methods of treatment that applied according to each stage.

  • Stages 1-4 of lung cancer are visualized according to tumor expansion, metastases;
  • Methods of treatment are proposed in accordance with NCCN guidelines;
  • Surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are applied in different combinations.

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Oncology Department of Western Hospital Clinic

Poland, Warsaw

Oncology Department of Medical Centre ENEL-MED

Poland, Warsaw

Oncology Department of Medical diagnostic and treatment center

Lithuania, Vilnius

Oncology Department of Institute of Cybernetic Surgery Cyberknife

Poland, Wieliszew

Oncology Department of All-India Institute of Medical Sciences

India, Delhi

Oncology Department of Hirslanden Hospital

Switzerland, Zurich

Oncology Department of Clinic Genolier

Switzerland, Genolier
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