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Endoprosthesis at Asklepios is the final solution to the problems with knee joint

Pain in the joint while walking, blockade while bending the knee, inflammation of surrounding tissues – all these symptoms “accompany” the person who suffers from usual or age-dependent arthritis as well as the one after physical trauma. In order to be finally released of pain or limitations during physical exertion it is crucial to refer to experienced doctors. This is one of the most spread orthopedic operations at the Endoprosthesis Center of Asklepios Medical Network. The German Endoprosthesis Center cures more than 1,000 patients with knee injuries annually.

The clinic serves the Olympic bases of German team in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Hundreds of German sportsmen have already received medical care after complex traumas with an opportunity to continue their career in elite sport. Thanks to the efforts of German orthopedists above 94% of all knee joint replacement surgeries were successful.

Computer modeling of the prosthesis

Endoprosthesis of knee joint in Asklepios Clinic is mainly conducted through minimally invasive techniques. For the development of joint prosthesis an innovative technology VISIONAIRE is used. It includes scanning of the joint with MRI system. On the basis of scans an accurate computer model of your joint is created.

The special program allows the physicians to work out a draft of the future prosthesis with 0.1 mm precision, detect the points of attachment to the bone and check the mobility. At Asklepios, endoprosthesis is produced on the computer-controlled machines, and German doctors account for your wishes while choosing a prosthesis material. Endoprostheses are made of steel alloy with the addition of nickel, cobalt and aluminum. Ceramics and wear-resistant plastics are used as the sliding elements. We’d like to mention that the lifetime of prostheses produced here is up to 30 years.

Consultation of orthopedists, working with sports stars

The success of knee joint replacement surgery to the great extent depends on the skills of operating orthopedist.

Such outstanding physicians as Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Frosch and Priv.-Doz. Dr. Oliver Niggemeyer perform operations here. Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kabelka is a doctor of a world boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Surgery peculiarities at Asklepios

Endoprosthesis is carried out under general or spinal anesthesia. We should note that at Asklepios this decision is issued to the discretion of the patient. To replace the joint surgeons at Asklepios make two small (6-8 sm) incisions instead of traditional (20 sm) one, used in outdated techniques.

This method is less traumatic for muscles and reduces the risks of infection. During the operation the remnants of cartilage are removed, the bone is grinded and mounted with the ready implant using special screws.

Due to such small incisions postoperative hospitalization last only about 5-7 days. Your knee will restore its functioning completely within 1 year.

How much will it take to replace a knee joint?

The expenditures for knee joint prosthesis largely depend on an implant material and a complexity of its production. The average check reaches €13,000-24,000.

You should be ready that the preoperational tests will be made 1-2 days before the surgery, so take it into consideration while planning your trip. We have already helped more than 22,000 medical tourists to find an experienced specialist. Receive the individual treatment program abroad with the assistance of doctor-consultant from International Patients Support Center Bookimed right now!

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