Coronary artery bypass grafting in Turkey

We`ve found 14 specialized clinics for private coronary artery bypass grafting
Using Bookimed, 78 patients received individual program for coronary artery bypass grafting
Timing of response 9
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 10
Popularity of the clinic 8
1294 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 1294 patients received individual treatment program in LIV Hospital
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Cardiologic Clinic occupies the 1st place among Turkish hospitals in success rate of electric cardiac pacemaker implantation: 93%.

Why LIV Hospital belongs to the leading clinics in cardiology

LIV Department of Cardiology treats all known heart diseases. Its cardiologists are renowned specialists in Turkey and Central Europe. In 2015 Cardiologic Clinic made over 2,800 cardiac catheterizations and cardiac angiographies. LIV is top-hospital in Turkey in the area of invasive cardiology, heart disease diagnostics, cardiac electrophysiology.

Who are top-cardiologists of LIV Hospital?

  • Prof. Ahmet Yilmaz NIŞANCI M.D.
  • Prof. Enis OĞUZ M.D.
  • Assoc. Prof. Yelda TAYYARECI M.D.
  • Assoc. Prof. Alp Burak ÇATAKOĞLU M.D.

Directions of Cardiologic Clinic LIV Hospital

  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Angina
  • Arrhythmias
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Hypertensive heart disease
  • Aneurysm
  • Heart attack
  • Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis

What is the cost of heart disease treatment in LIV Hospital?

The cost of the treatment is assessed in each case individually and depends on the amount of necessary procedures and operations. Bookimed medical coordinators can assist you with the treatment program with precise values.

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Methods of Cardiologic Clinic LIV Hospital

  • Medication heart disease treatment
  • Stenting
  • Heart bypass
  • Pacemaker implantation
All reviews (18)
Myocardial infarction is not such an uncommon problem nowadays. But I had to look for a place for treatment abroad. My attending physician advised Liv Hospital to me. I was met at the airport. I was pleasantly surprised by the service and the attitude of staff. The treatment was excellent. The patient care for each patient in the clinic was very... Read full review
Review on treatment of myocardial infarction in Turkey
589 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 589 patients received individual treatment program in Memorial Healthcare Group
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Memorial Heart Center provides a full range of services for the diagnostics and treatment of heart disease on the newest equipment by highly qualified stuff. They successfully perform diagnostics and treatment of infants and elderly. Among the list of procedures we would like to underline the electrophysiological examination, echocardiography (transcoronal and fetal) and balloon angioplasty. The 21st century technology and professionalism of the doctors provide the highest quality treatment in Memorial center.

Timing of response 4
Doctor's qualification 7
Medical equipment 7
Service and comfort 7
Popularity of the clinic 9
1 request for today

Acibadem Cardiological Clinic includes nine centers of cardiology and cardiac surgery. The clinic is leading in Turkey toward the number of beds, staff professionals and equipped operating rooms. According to Euroscore statistics the mortality while open heart surgery is 3.8%, but in Acibadem is 1.6%, while coronary vessels shunting - 2.7%, but in Acibadem - only 1%. Acibadem provides medical service in all areas of cardiology and cardiac surgery. Among them are following groups: cardiovascular embolism, valvular heart diseases, arrhythmias, aortic disease, peripheral embolism, varicose veins, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease.

Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 10
Medical equipment 10
Service and comfort 9
Popularity of the clinic 8
2 requests for today
Anadolu Medical Center is a combination of Turkish affordability and geographical proximity with US quality of treatment due to affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine. This Clinic specializes in oncology treatment and bone marrow transplants using the most innovative equipment: DaVinci, CyberKnife, TrueBeam. Anadolu Hospital is very attentive to each patient and has the highest level of staff response.
All reviews (23)
I decided to treat an aneurysm of the thoracic aorta at the Anadolu Medical Center. At all stages of the treatment the staff of the medical center showed themselves as highly qualified and very helpful at any time. They responded very kindly and quickly to all of my numerous questions and requests. I sincerely would like to thank the staff for the... Read full review
Timing of response 8
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 7
Popularity of the clinic 9
566 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 566 patients received individual treatment program in Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi
Medipol University Hospital is the largest private multi-specialized medical institutions. The clinic with the world’s recognition offers a wide range of high-levelled services and has the greatest number of departments in Turkey. This Medical Center is appreciated by patients from all over the world for its well-trained physicians, ultra-sound equipment and progressive techniques of treatment.
All reviews (8)
My close family relative was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia a year ago at age of 26 and he needed a bone narrow transplant as the very last option to save his life. This procedure is not available in Ukraine and we spent weeks searching for the most affordable clinics with a good reputation. On January 12th, a few minutes right after visiting... Read full review
194 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 194 patients received individual treatment program in Medicana Hospitals Group
Medicana is a modern health-care organization which follows world’s standards of treatment. Its physicians employ innovative techniques, explore the new ones and implement them into practical activity after a number of serious researches. Medicana Hospitals conduct more than 30,000 angiographies per year and show impressive results in cardiosurgery.
173 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 173 patients received individual treatment program in Yeditepe University Hospital
Yeditepe University Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical center created on the basis of Turkish medical university in Istanbul. The clinic includes 15 highly-specialized centers and is one of the largest in the country. It performs different types of organ transplantations for both children and adults. Yeditepe is known for its rigorous attitude towards cleanliness and is going to open the first in the world completely antibacterial hospital this year.
Timing of response 10
Doctor's qualification 9
Medical equipment 9
Service and comfort 8
Popularity of the clinic 8
248 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 248 patients received individual treatment program in Medical Park Hospitals Group
Medical Park is the largest group of hospitals in Turkey. Compliance of their medical services is confirmed by Joint Commission International. Medical Park Hospitals are ranked first in the number of organ transplants and provide high success rates in bone marrow transplantation. Oncological units use innovative techniques to increase efficiency of the treatment - Gamma-Knife, the Tomotherapy etc.
Florence Nightingale Hospitals was accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and ISO, guarantees a high level of medical services.
During 35 years Kadikoy Sifa Hospital  is providing services in the medical field at the highest level. The main areas are gynecology, IVF, endocrinology, oncology, orthopedics.
All reviews (11)
I had pre-existing heart conditions. I was very scared when the valve in my heart had to be replaced. When I arrived to Kadıkoy Sifa hospital, it was explained to me that there was nothing to worry about. The diagnosis and the surgery were successful. In general, I liked everything. I liked how everything was organized: there were no queues, the... Read full review
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