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Knee replacement in Lithuania

We`ve found 3 specialized clinics for private knee replacement
Using Bookimed, 486 patients received individual program for knee replacement
449 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 449 patients received individual treatment program in Medical diagnostic and treatment center
328 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 328 patients received individual treatment program in Kardiolita Private Hospital

Why do the patients prefer to replace their knee joint at Kardiolita medical center in Lithuania?

Kardiolita medical center is one of the leaders among private medical centers in Lithuania. The medical center offers the medical care from diagnostics to high-tech surgeries.

The leading experts in arthroplasty carry out the surgeries on knee joint replacement under various diseases, resulting in its dysfunction. High level of the equipment at Kardiolita medical center provides the medical care for the patients according to the high standards of the modern medicine.

Diagnostics and preparation required prior to surgery on knee joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center

The orthopedists of Kardiolita medical center provide serious approach to diagnostics and preparation of the patient in surgery on knee joint replacement, as it affects the surgery success and rehabilitation activities efficiency afterwards. The patient has to:

  • Donate blood in order to avoid the application of the donor blood if needed
  • Pass all laboratory examinations, i.e. blood testing and biochemical test, urine test, liver and kidneys functioning testing
  • Do ECG to check the heart functioning
  • Cancel the medications by the doctor’s opinion
  • Get consulted by the experts of therapeutic field

What is the procedure of knee joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center?

  • Lithuanian experts apply prostheses and implants of the leading world producers for arthroplasty of the knee joint
  • The surgery takes up to 4 hours
  • The general anesthesia is applied by the modern sparing medications
  • The course of recovery and antiphlogistic therapy is appointed during the recovery period
  • The wards are equipped by the orthopedic devices to provide the best comfort for the patients
  • The course of kinesiotherapy, i.e. the locomotor development therapy, is appointed after the surgeries

What is the cost for knee joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center in Lithuania?

The arthroplasty of knee joint replacement at Kardiolita medical center in Lithuania means qualitative medical services and rehabilitation in comfortable conditions by lower prices than in Germany, Switzerland or Great Britain.

The treatment cost is always individual and depends on the volume of the diagnostic procedures volume, difficulty of the surgery and prosthesis design.

You can order the individual diagnostics and treatment program including the exact pricing by Bookimed website now!

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42 patients received a treatment program
Using Bookimed, 42 patients received individual treatment program in Abromiskes rehabilitation centre
Abromiskes is a modern rehabilitation center located 45 km from the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. It is located within excellent natural conditions. There is a pine forest and Orys lake near it. The Center conducts rehabilitation of the patients with cardiac diseases, neurological disorders and after orthopedic surgeries. Abromiskes also has Children’s Department which provides recovery for the smallest patients with various disorders (respiratory, neurologic, musculoskeletal or eye diseases). The Hospital offers restorative treatment of European level for reasonable prices. Besides Abromiskes has its own diagnostic laboratory for biochemical, microbiological and immunological analyses.
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