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West Tallinn Central Hospital

Палдиски мнт. 68 10617 Таллинн

The Laane-Tallin Central Hospital sees its mission in client-orientation. 

About hospital


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About hospital

The Laane-Tallin Central Hospital sees its mission in client-orientation. By 2015 the hospital plans to become the best medical services supplier in North Estonia. It also has big plans in the sphere of cooperation by getting involved in family physicians and other partners.
The Laane-Tallin central hospital is capable of receiving 500 hospitalized patients at once, and the personnel, which is composed of 1700 employees shares the values developed after the consolidation of several medical institutions of Estonia.

The principles and values of the hospital are as follows:

  • client-orientation – demonstration of care and friendliness towards the client;
  • professionalism – long-term experience of hospital helps to maintain such principle;
  • reliability – the patients are confident in high quality of treatment;
  • priorities – the medical ethics and good relations with the partners and colleagues are of high value;
  • development – the personnel is regularly coming through the additional education and the medical equipment is regularly being renewed. 

Nowadays the hospital is composed of 12 clinics:
1. The Clinic of Internal Diseases – receives 120 patients at once, and 5000 patients undergone the treatment during a year. The clinic includes several departments and the place of special pride – Nephrological Center.
2.  Diagnostic Clinic – offers 2 types of services: radiology and laboratory diagnostics. The clients who want to have an X-ray taken, as well as ultrasonic diagnostics, magnetic resonance tomography, computer-aided tomography can send their requests to 8 addresses at any time of a day.

  • Infectious Diseases Clinic offers 100 beds for hospitalized patients. Also available social worker consulting patients regarding HIV and  AIDS.
  • Nervous Cases Clinic, where also operates stroke treatment center and neurologic research center.
  • Psychiatry Center.
  • Ambulatory Care Clinic, where nurses work practically in all spheres of medicine.
  • Dental Clinic.
  • Home-nursing Clinic.
  • Department of Home-nursing Care.
  • Surgical Clinic, where the period of treatment upon hospitalization takes up to 4 days. The clinic is supplied with 75 beds (including 3 wards for intensive therapy) and modern therapy technics.
  • The Clinic of Pain Suppression and  Intensive Therapy. The main task of the clinic specialists is anesthetic management during surgery.
  • Maternity Welfare Clinic, which deals with pregnancy, following care during and upon delivery and consultancy of young women.

Different projects are being regularly organized and held in Laane-Tallin Central Hospital. For instance:

  • Norwegian project aimed at AIDS-infection prevention of opium-dependent pregnant women and their children;
  • the EU structural fund project aimed at home-nursing clinic development;
  • provision of fellowships for students, willing to continue work in home-nursing department;
  • doctor of the year nomination;
  • the best nurse of the year nomination;
  • the best worker of home-nursing department nomination.

Upon getting familiarized with above-mentioned information you may have no doubts that the hospital will definitely fulfill the outlined plans and reach many other goals that favor the development of health care all over the world. 


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