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Wehrle Diakonissen Private Hospital

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Wehrle Diakonissen Private Hospital

Haydnstraße 18 5020 Salzburg Австрия

Wehrle Private Clinic was founded by the outstanding surgeon Viktor Wehrle more than 80 years ago. The Clinic achieved great reputation from the very beginning of its activity and quickly became popular beyond Salzburg. The secret of Hospital’s success and its distinguishing feature is the concept of holistic human perception. Another advantage is the attentive personnel always ready to consider wishes and requests of the patients.

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About hospital

Wehrle Private Hospital was founded by the famous surgeon Victor Wehrle more than 80 years ago. In the first years after its opening the institution has earned a remarkable reputation, and its fame has quickly extended outside of Salzburg. The secret of the Hospital success and its special feature is the concept of perceptual unity of a person.

Wehrle Private Hospital is a comfortable multi-disciplinary institution, located in one of the most beautiful districts in the center of Salzburg. Along with highly professional medicine, cozy atmosphere of the institution, unique nature and fresh alpine air provide the optimal conditions for a speedy recovery.
The clinic provides a wide range of medical services, mainly in the field of internal diseases treatment. Here the medical personnel successfully assists in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases, respiratory tract disorders, coronary disease, various circulatory disturbances, tumors and psychosomatic disorders. At the same time, the Clinic offers a variety of surgical treatment methods.

In 2009, the medical center Wehrle was awarded with the Austrian mark of quality in the field of medical tourism - «Best Health Austria» for its successful activities.
The building of Medical Center includes spacious and comfortable wards de luxe, designed for one or two people, a cozy restaurant with a terrace, where the patients are given a wide variety of dishes, including international cuisine, diabetic and vegetarian menu. There are cafes and bars in the Departments, and in the adjacent territory the visitors can walk in an amazing garden.

The wards of the hospital are equipped with adjustable angle and height beds. There are also a telephone, a fridge, a safe, a TV-set and an internet conection at the service access. Each ward is equipped with a nurse emergency call system. There is also a possibility of people accompanying the patient accommodation in the in-patient department.

Diagnostics in Wehrle:

There are held complex and comprehensive examination of patients in the clinic in accordance with their sex and age - preventive diagnostics (check ups). Basic package of this diagnostic program includes laboratory testing of blood, the therapeutic examination, x-ray of lungs and heart, electrocardiography, echocardiography, ergometry, lung function examination, as well as an orthopedic examination. In addition to these procedures there also can be carried out ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic-resonance tomography, and examination by urologist, gynecologist and dentist.

The highly tailored examinations are also carried out there: pulmonology, gastroenterology, gynecology and urology, examination of heart and blood vessels, and some other types of diagnostics. The Clinic's Center of endoscopy is manned with doctors of various specializations who work there. The gastroscopy, endoscopy of the sigmoid colon, cystoscopy, biopsy and other procedures aimed at a comprehensive examination of the patient are held there.
Since 2012, the cardial catheterization laboratory works in the clinic. It is the latest system that enables diagnostics and procedures for treatment of heart pain of various etiologies and heart attack prevention (for instance, stent implantation, balloon valvuloplasty).


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