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The patient underwent blepharoplasty

Thank you very much for recommending this particular doctor. After many doubts, I stopped at Andrei Leonidovich Kharkov and didn’t regret it. The wonderful team of professionals, starting with the surgeon himself and ending with the nurses. the same thin psychologist. The girls at the reception, the doctors working in the Perfecto room, the nurse Vita, who is caring for me after the surgery, are all great! The ward was comfortable, I really rested a day after the surgery.

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    Olka Krast Representative of Ukrainian Academy of Plastic Surgery Apr 24, 2019

    Татьяна, спасибо Вам за позитивный отзыв, наша клиника всегда старается проявлять к пациенту максимум заботы, медицинского профессионализма, домашней теплоты.