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The Tata Memorial Hospital
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756 patients have already received for free the cost of the treatment and the program

The Tata Memorial Hospital

756 bookings
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Bookimed allows you to book the best cancer centers in the world and takes care for all stages of the trip. With the help of the staff of Bookimed portal you can receive the necessary information and do not worry about anything, but to return to a healthy life. Choosing a clinic in India, Bookimed recommends Tata Memorial Hospital, because is specializing in the prevention, treatment and research of cancer. It was created in 1941 as an institution whose aim is to care about the health of Indian people. Today the center is recognized as one of the leading cancer centers in their part of the world.

About Tata Memorial Cancer Center in numbers:

Multidisciplinary approach practiced in the Cancer Center Tata  allowed to develop the strategies for early diagnosis, treatment management, rehabilitation, pain relief and terminal care. Bookimed recommends Memorial Cancer Center Tata, as a modern medical institution, which  meets standards for Global Health. The surgeries are performed in order to provide patients with the highest quality of life,
conserving  organ function. The high survival rate confirms the effectiveness of the strategies used in the center.

The advanced technology used in the Memorial Cancer Center Tata:

Booking a treatment at Tata Memorial Cancer Center using the Bookimed service, the patient can be assured of high quality care and treatment in the best traditions of Indian medicine. Reviews of patients  who treated at the center, also confirm the effective rehabilitation and a high level of patient counseling.

Other methods of treatment used in the center:

In Tata Memorial Cancer Center for 12 years Department of Preventive Oncology operates which give special  information of early detection and motivation of cancer screening for people.
Booking  accommodation  in Tata Memorial Cancer Centre at the portal Bookimed, the patient receives the necessary support during every stage of the organization of treatment in India. Leaving a request on a portal you can know the cost of treatment, and other interesting information that will help you  to choose the most suitable hospital and closer to recovery for a short time.

Location of the clinic on the map (India, Mumbai)

The Tata Memorial Hospital

Tata Memorial Hospital was founded in 1941 and specializes in the prevention, treatment and research of cancer.
756 patients have already received the cost of the treatment and the program
Using Bookimed, 756 patients received individual treatment program in The Tata Memorial Hospital
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The Tata Memorial Hospital
  • The Tata Memorial Hospital

  • The Tata Memorial Hospital

  • The Tata Memorial Hospital

  • The Tata Memorial Hospital

  • The Tata Memorial Hospital

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