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The patient was treated of hypertension

Hello! We were very pleased to cooperate with the "Bookimed" service and with our coordinator Lisa Dudnik. Starting from correspondence and ending with the trip, the organization of all documents and stay in the clinic - everything was on top.
We turned to this service with the question of selecting a clinic that deals with patients with hypertension at a young age. In Ukraine, unfortunately, doctors did not want to understand, the tests were done incorrectly, there was even a situation when the doctor wrote a diagnosis that does not exist, it was very frustrating, and the health condition only worsened.
Lisa found several clinics for us and sent our extracts and some tests there. As a result, it was decided that we will still go to the Asclepios clinic in Germany, since it has a nephrology department that specializes in hypertension at a young age, we also found many good reviews and information about doctors. Dr. Meyer, our attending physician, described to us in advance what tests and examinations should be done in Asklepios in order to understand what causes the increase in pressure. And also to us have sent approximately the sum which will be spent for these researches.
As a result, we spent 5 days in Hamburg, we were given all the tests, examination and changed the drugs, since those that were prescribed in Ukraine, are banned in Germany and have long ceased to be produced.
At the moment we are taking medication and contacting the coordinator with Dr. Mayer if there are any questions.
I also liked the translator Vladimir, whom we also received the service. He accompanied us in Hamburg for all procedures and all consultations and even after our departure he decided some questions with our treating physician.
Therefore, we can safely recommend this service to cooperation!

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