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The patient was treated of epilepsy

On January 21, we arrived at the Teknon clinic late at night, which pleasantly surprised us without any problems settled in the ward and the examination began in the morning. The clinic impressed us. The medical staff was incredibly polite and friendly. Everything, two days of examinations passed easily and naturally. Many thanks to the international department, Irina, who was in touch with us even at night, Olesya, who led us from September to January and reacted and responded to all my letters. Maria, who monitored all the sensors and indications during the examination and of course Dr. Antonio Russi! During the first 10 years of treatment of epilepsy, I heard a phrase from which all doctors fended off, as in Ukraine as in Russia. Need to find the CAUSE of epilepsy! It plays a crucial role in the selection of treatment. It is also worth noting that the participation of these wonderful people in the acquisition of essential drugs in Spain (we just brought them to the house) My family and I remember the time spent in Teknon with warmth and gratitude to all who were with us for this short time. And something tells me that we will meet with you next year) once again, many thanks to all those who were next to us, Irina, Olesya, Maria, Kirill (thanks for calling back September and introduced us to the doctor in Kiev) and of course a special thanks and kowtow to Dr. Antonio Russi.

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