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The patient was treated of medulloblastoma

Good day! For a long time, our wanderings in Ukraine can not be described yet. All at the highest level! The coordinator found the best neurosurgeon! And he carried out the most complicated operation for my wife, since he had crossed the road!

Dr. Bartholome Oliver is a brilliant doctor !!! You can talk about the clinic for a very long time! One thing I will say is shocked by such a good attitude towards patients! If there is an opportunity, run away from our doctors, otherwise they will start treating you !!!! Thanks again bookimed for the doctor and organizing the trip !!!!

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    Dr. Oliver Jan 14, 2019

    I am very happy with the result of Mariana 's surgery. She is an amazing lady with very strong determination to get a cure. I am very gratefull about yours comments. We hope that after completition of the complementary treatment you will obtain the desired result of a cure and will come to Barcelona only to have a rest! Dr. Bartolome Oliver