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The patient was treated of epilepsy

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the coordinator of the International Patient Support Center, Svetlana Pashchenko, who helped with the professional choice of a doctor and in solving organizational issues of a trip to Spain.

I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the above clinic. High professionalism, attentive attitude to patients, kindness and cordiality of the personnel of the center are those qualities that anyone who comes for help faces. The junior and nursing staff are tactful, quickly responding to the requests of patients. Everywhere cleanliness and comfort. The medical staff is not only competent specialists, but also just kind and cordial people. They always come into the ward with smiles, they know how to cheer up a child, and how to explain the need for medical procedures. Thanks to them, children feel safe, comfortably settling in this medical institution, equipped with the latest medical equipment.

Especially I want to say about Dr. Antonio Russi, from whom I am delighted! Highly professional doctor of the European level - Doctor “From God”, possessing high theoretical and practical knowledge in his medical profile. Doctors Russi is distinguished by an individual approach and self-control, patience, wisdom, honesty, calmness and high competence. Such a sensitive, attentive doctor can be trusted not only with the examination and subsequent medical prescriptions, but also as a whole with further treatment of the child.

Many of the patients of the innovative medical center "Teknon" will agree with me that a warm atmosphere of love and respect for patients, emotional support for the health of patients, a positive perception of life and an unlimited belief in complete recovery are created here. May God grant you health and long life! God bless you!
 Almaty, Kazakhstan

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