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The patient was treated of stomach cancer

In Russia, stomach cancer of the 4th stage was diagnosed with metastases, the operation was refused and offered chemotherapy with a standard set of drugs allowed for our polyclinics.
After sitting in the queue all day waiting for a chemotherapist, I saw an incredible hopelessness of everything that was happening: a large queue of patients, indifference and lack of advice from the doctor, no shadow of hope.
With this diagnosis, fear is compressed, but with this attitude kills.
I want to hope that only I have come across such a reality, God forbid this to others.
My relatives searched for alternative treatment abroad, through joint efforts, through acquaintances and the Internet, we came to contact the clinic in Israel "Ichilov".
After a telephone conversation with the clinic, the final decision was made to go to Israel for treatment.
In Israel, many similar medical institutions, but only similar ones, as it turned out later, it was Ichilov who is dealing with complex and problematic oncology issues that others can not cope with. Skeleton of professional doctors is formed by Ichilov, because the clinic has a scientific and practical center, the task of which is to increase the potential for effective treatment. My first impression when meeting with the clinic and its staff is the atmosphere of cordiality and desire to help, no one promises the impossible, a real picture of the problems and a plan for how to act.
It makes no sense to speak and compare the service of Russian medical services and foreign, it is not comparable, everything here is envisaged for a person to recover, not to mention the staff and his attitude towards the sick. There are no problems with ignorance of a foreign language, the Russian curator solves all these problems, and a significant part of personnel from Russia or the former Soviet republics. It should be noted that the medical center of Ichilov is a whole city with many buildings of different treatment directions and a corresponding service infrastructure.
Returning to the issue of treatment, I want to note one aspect, in my opinion, important, this is the quality of drugs in the course of treatment. Russian medicine can offer at best such (or generics), which does not improve the treatment.
Passing treatment in Israel, in the clinic Ichilov, there is hope for the future.
Many thanks to all the staff of the clinic.
God bless you.

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