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The patient was treated of sarcoma

Faced with serious health problems in May-June 2014 and without full medical assistance in Belarus, I turned to Tel Aviv Medical Center of Suraski.

The first thing that surprised me was that no more than 3 days passed from the moment I placed my application for treatment to the invitation from the center, and a week later I was already in Tel Aviv.

All diagnostic procedures and consultations of experts were appointed in the shortest possible time, which is especially important for medical tourists, because roads are spent every day not at home. And of course, this is the merit of the medical tourism department.

My treatment in Israel took six months. During this time, I had two courses of chemotherapy, two operations, many procedures and consultations, each of which was accompanied by a member of the medical tourism department, providing translation services and simply supporting me at a difficult time for me. During these six months, I had to go to the clinic and in an emergency, and the fact that I was issued directly to the hospital without intermediaries greatly simplified many organizational issues.

The effectiveness of my treatment provided not only the overall high level of Israeli medicine and the professionalism of doctors, but also the assistance of medical center staff.

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