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The patient was treated of ovarian cancer

By a lucky chance fell into the hands of experienced doctors of the South Korean medical center "Samsung". I was already preparing for an operation in Moscow - I had an ovarian cancer, predictions were 50-50. Our doctors are always afraid to take on extra responsibility for the operation. If something goes wrong in the end, they will refer to the fact that not those 50 percent fell out and that's it. Suddenly it turned out that my father had agreed without my knowledge that I would be put on an operation in the center of Samsung in South Korea. At first I thought I was joking - well, what kind of treatment can there be in the clinic with the name, like a TV set. But Dad insisted that I go there at least for a consultation. It turned out that this is one of the largest medical centers of South Korea with a worldwide reputation. I was examined by doctors from Korea and the United States. They made an impression on me that I can completely entrust my life to them, although I did not always pay much attention to doctors. I'm not talking about the most up-to-date equipment! Korea and in medicine justifies its leadership in the field of world technology. I had a brilliant operation, as I believe. Although for those doctors - it's their usual job. After anesthesia, I did not feel any pain. Postoperative observations showed that the tumor was completely removed. In six months I'll go there again for medical examination. I am absolutely sure that I won this terrible disease with the help of Korean doctors!

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