19 patients have already received the treatment plan

Orthopedic Center of Professor Bernd Kabelka

19 patients have already received the treatment plan

The Orthopedic Center of Professor Bernd Kabelka is a specialized medical center for treatment of orthopedic diseases and sports injuries. The Center is one of the divisions of the Regio Klinik Wedel. Dr. Kabelka and his team of medical doctors perform arthroscopic surgeries, prosthetics of the knee, shoulder and hip joints. Professor Bernd Michael Kabelka, the doctor with over 30-year professional experience in orthopedics and traumatology, is the Head of the Clinic.

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The patient was treated of collarbone fracture


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Knee replacement
starting €14500
Conservative treatment of scoliosis
starting €4500

About hospital

The Orthopedic Center was named after its founder Professor Bernd Kabelka. The doctor is one of the best orthopedists in Germany. Since 1983 to 1993 the orthopedist trained in Helios ENDO Klinik (Hamburg), Asklepios Klinik in Barmbek (Hamburg) and University of California in Los Angeles (the USA). Dr. Bernd Kabelka specializes in orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine, chirotherapy, and physiotherapy. In 2001 the doctor was awarded the academic professor of the Hamburg University.

Conservative therapy

Conservative treatment in the Hospital includes:

  • manual therapy (chirotherapy);
  • bandages;
  • laser acupuncture;
  • physiotherapy programmes;
  • injection therapy and so on.

Using conservative therapy, Dr. Kabelka treats joints, tendons, muscles and spine injuries. The orthopedist develops physiotherapy and muscle building programmes individually for each patient. Prof. Bernd Kabelka prefers minimally invasive pain therapy (injection therapy) for treating acute orthopedic diseases, such as arthritis. This kind of treatment is usually applied under the control of ultrasound or computer tomography to avoid complications.

Surgical treatment

The Center is equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies. Professor provides:

  • arthroscopic joint surgeries (knee, hip, elbow, ankle and shoulder joints);
  • hand and foot surgeries;
  • plastic surgery.

The doctor uses autologous cartilage cell transplants (ACT) to treat cartilage defects of the knee, ankle and shoulder joints. The ACT is a technique of regenerating cartilage in the damaged part of a joint. The method is based on implantation of a patient’s cartilage cells.

Sports Traumatology

The orthopedist offers minimally invasive techniques to treat different sports traumas. After the treatment, Dr. Kabelka provides individual rehabilitation program to each patient. The best sportsmen all around the globe have undergone therapy in the Center. The most famous among them are Klitschko brothers, Steffi Graf and the players of the Hamburg Freezers hockey team.


Prof. Kabelka performs cement and cementless knee, hip and shoulder replacements. The implants are produced by Zimmer Inc., one of the largest orthopedic product company all over the world. The orthopedist uses minimally invasive techniques and develops an individual rehabilitation plan for faster recovery of a patient.


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