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North Estonian Regional Hospital

J. Sütiste tee 19, 13419 Tallinn


The North-Estonia Regional Hospital – is the biggest medical institution in the whole capital – Tallin. 

About hospital


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About hospital

The institution is famous for its multidisciplinary and the employees represent almost all spheres of modern medicine.
The whole staff list of the hospital includes almost 3.5 thousand employees – doctor-specialists and supporting personnel. It is possible to evaluate the achievements of medical personnel not only by the feedbacks of grateful patients but also by recognition of specialists' level all over the country. For instance, Ilmar Kaur, the surgeon, 2 years ago was awarded the honorary title 'the best doctor of the country'.
The hospital accepts 800 patients at once and 400 thousand people attend it every year. The noticeable part of them (around 500 people) are citizens of Finland, Germany and other countries. The services for them are on the same level as for Estonian citizens. Additional advantage is Finnish- and English- speaking personnel. With the patients from CIS countries the specialists of the hospital can speak Russian.  

The main priorities and values of the hospital:

  • every member of medical personnel is focusing their activities on a specific patient and trying to choose the personal approach;
  • no department is brining to stop their improvements, the innovations are being introduced;
  • all employees of the hospital are professionals of their fields;
  • the best effect is reached due to the team-work

The structure of the North-Estonia Regional Hospital is introduced by 7 clinics:

  1. Diagnostic Clinic;
  2. Oncologic Clinic;
  3. Anesthesiology Clinic;
  4. Surgical Clinic, which surgical corps founded 7 years ago is the best technically equipped in the whole Baltic region;
  5. Internal Illnesses Clinic;
  6. Hematological Clinic;
  7. Psychiatric Clinic.

High qualification of the personnel and technological level guarantee quality of medical services, ensure the safety both of patients and personnel of the hospital.
The Surgical clinic is famous for its successful performance of bariatric. Only a few dare make high risk surgery operations. Here the specialists are conducting such operations, as:

  • stomach bypass surgery;
  • stomach resection with application of laparoscopy;
  • vertical stomach resection;
  • banding.

The post-bariatric operations that require plasty, like breast size decreasing or stomach plasty, are being conducted in the hospital with the same level of success.
To keep up with the time, the surgeons are conducting 98% of operations with application of low-invasive methods. The positive side of it is practical absence of postoperative complications. Additionally, the period of postoperative recovery becomes easier.
The North-Estonia Regional Hospital and its leadership guarantee comfort and quality for its clients. The patients of paid hospitalization department can choose improved comfort wards – with TV-set and Wi-Fi.
European quality of treatment and care with the prices lower than in hospitals of Western Europe is one of the factors to attract patients from other countries. For instance, the stomach bypass surgery costs 6500$.
For your comfort it is possible to make an appointment with the doctor or consultation via e-mail or by contacting the administrator on the phone.


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