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The patient underwent gastroenterological check-up

My review is positive, because in Medipole I managed to get vital medical care. Before that, my condition was serious, because in fact I felt bad every day for many years. In the morning I could not wake up for several hours, during the day I was hampered by a weakness with which I could not cope, in the evening and at night there was severe insomnia. In this state, I could not lead a normal life. This is a very brief, brief description of my condition, which I have had for about the past 15 years, a detailed list of symptoms may take more than one leaf, and I decided not to describe it. In 2015, I decided to get tested in Russia, and I approached him very seriously. I visited several dozens of different doctors, described my condition in detail, and asked for help. I was surveyed in Russia in 2015, 2016 and 2017. About the result I will say briefly: they did not help me. Totally. Therefore, in 2018 I applied for help to the Bookimed company, and they recommended me to be examined in the Turkish hospital Medipol, where I traveled in December 2018. It took the Turkish doctors three days to find the cause of my problems: this is a severe vitamin D deficiency. The therapist Derya Argun helped me, she was able to name the cause of the problems and prescribe an analysis for vitamin D in a few minutes. When the analysis revealed the cause, I immediately began to correct vitamin D. And my condition changed. I began to feel as good as I had not felt for many years. I had trouble sleeping, weakness and my well-being completely changed. Now I can get up at 6 am, I can feel normal all day, I can fall asleep in less than one hour. I have been following my condition for two weeks, and the result is stable. In fact, I feel so good, like I was reborn. And I was given precise recommendations on how and how many months to take vitamin D, how often to monitor its amount in the blood, so I know what I need to do next.
    In the additional part of the review I will write other details of my trip. When I flew out of Moscow, I had an assumption that the cause of the problem was a disease of the digestive organs, so on the first day I first went for an examination by a gastroenterologist. For a plausible review, it should be noted that there is a noticeable drawback in the organization of Medipol’s work - the work of the doctors is accompanied by haste, vanity, and disorganization. Transfer from the hotel once was half an hour late. Before the trip, we agreed that I would go to a gastroenterologist. But when I arrived, at first the lady did not accept me for more than an hour, and then left the office, and without a word took another patient, although I had already paid money for the consultation and waited more than an hour. The translator suggested going to another doctor. I specially pre-printed my list of symptoms on a sheet and told the translator that I needed a literal translation, and the translator removed some phrases from my text without warning, as I was in a hurry. And this tendency to do everything quickly is negative. I had an abdominal ultrasound scan, but the results that I was given did not indicate any size of the gallbladder (number in millimeters) or other organs. The doctor then explained to me that they have many patients, and therefore they do not write detailed characteristics in the conclusions, but simply confine themselves to words like "parameter normal". That is, the documents with the results contain little information. I did a gastroscopy, but when I asked to give me the results of the research on a flash drive (video), they refused. Instead, I printed on paper six photos from the endoscope. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that in Medipol sometimes not the most modern technologies are used. To the gastroenterologist, I am grateful that he referred me to the therapist Derya Argun, and this is the main thing. But nevertheless, because of the fuss, I could not discuss my health with him in detail, but ideally this possibility should be.
     As for my coordinator, Dmitry Belik, I am generally pleased with his work, but I can only say that I have lost contact with him lately, because, according to Dmitry, he has a lot of work. I would like the connection with the medical coordinator to be stable.
    These are the main details of my trip to Medipol for treatment. As I said, my trip was definitely a success, dramatically changed my life for the better, and I am very pleased with it.

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