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The patient was treated of astrocytoma

Clinic Medipol-as a multi-profile hospital is not bad, Doc, who made me an operation is magnificent. I listened with great pleasure to him and talked with him. A person is very intelligent and educated.

During my entire trip there were many good and positive moments, as well as negative ones. The downside is that the service in this clinic is simply unrealistic lame. He does not even limp, but travels in a "wheelchair". It was very disappointing that they treat us as if we owed something. I would like to write about the employee Maria, she was our translator and assistant in everything. True help from her was not any. After 6 pm, Mariyam can not be reached, she is "busy" and her work schedule is "over" (these are her words). Although we tried not to bother once again. Is this possible? We (the sick) pay such crazy money and really need help! Was it really not possible to treat us a little better? We do not ask that we be kissed by the heels, but respectfully REQUIRE! It's not so hard, you know for sure

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