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Medicover Hospital Warsaw

low price level

5 days clinic's response speed

3 requests per day

2038 patients have already received the treatment plan

Medicover Clinic is a multidisciplinary hospital in Warsaw. It belongs to the network of 157 medical centers in 14 countries of the world. Medicover is the largest private clinic in Eastern Europe.

Doctors of the Medicover Hospital specialize in cardiosurgery, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedics, gynecology, and plastic surgery.

Over 500,000 patients undergo treatment at Medicover annually.

Medicover Hospital offers comprehensive medical services to patients. It has ISO 9001:2008 certification and Ministry of Health accreditation. Medicover has 7 specializes department and 7 diagnostic centers. The medical institution is opened 24/7 hours.

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5 patients' reviews
The patient was consulted in this clinic

I liked everything, the Bookimed coordinator helped me a lot with my question and the doctors helped to solve it.

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The patient underwent pregnancy

Worse than the perks. Everything was miraculous

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The patient underwent check-up

Hello. For a long time I was treated in paid clinics in Minsk. I could not even be diagnosed with a diagnosis. The pain was frequent, lying in the hospital. Spending a lot of money, nerves and strength, I decided to go to Medico-Carver. I was worried that they would not be able to find the cause of the pain either. But the doctor-gynecologist Yuri helped. Having drunk a course of tablets 3 months to me has ceased to hurt or be ill; be sick. Thank you very much.

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The patient was consulted in this clinic


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The patient underwent basic check up

Hello. For a long time I was treated in paid clinics in Minsk. I could not even be diagnosed with a diagnosis. The pain was frequent, lying in the hospital. Spending a lot of money, nerves and strength, I decided to go to Medico-Carver. I was worried that they would not be able to find the cause of the pain either. But the doctor-gynecologist Yuri helped. Having drunk a course of tablets 3 months to me has ceased to hurt or be ill; be sick. Thank you very much.

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Prices for diagnostics

OCT (Optical coherence tomography)
starting €95
Consultation with a pediatrician
€70 - €100
Consultation with a vascular surgeon
€70 - €100
Consultation with a heart surgeon
€70 - €100
Consultation with an anesthesiologist
€70 - €100
CT scan of the body part
starting €120
Bronchoscopy + biopsy
€230 - €430
Consultation with an otolaryngologist
€70 - €100
Consultation with a gynecologist
€70 - €100
Consultation with an orthopaedist
starting €90
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Treatment costs

starting €1600
Hip replacement
Hysterectomy (uterus removal)
starting €2400
Sleeve gastrectomy
starting €6510
Stomach cancer surgery
starting €2800
Carotid endarterectomy
€3100 - €5600
Breast cancer surgery
Gastric bypass
starting €1400
Knee arthroplastic
starting €2400
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About hospital

Medicover Hospital in Poland was established in 1994. It is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, 10 kilometers from the airport.

Medicover includes 8 departments and 2 specialized centers — for consulting and diagnostics.

Advantages of Medicover Center

  • State-of-the-art technologies. Medical Center is equipped with 128-slice CT. It allows examining oncological and cardiological disorders with 100% accuracy and minimal radiation explosure. Using MRI, doctors perform complete scanning of the patient’s body for 12 minutes.
  • Hospital Laboratory. Medicover has its own laboratory; doctors receive test results within 1 hour.

Medicover in figures

  • 370 doctors
  • over 222,000 consultations
  • 60,000 surgeries and procedures
  • success rate for treatment in Medicover Hospital is 98%; success rate for treatment in other clinics of Poland is 95.7%

Awards of Medicover

ISO certificates

  • ISO 9001:2008

ISO Certificate

This certificate confirms the quality of medical services. Patients do not wait in the queues; they know their doctors, and treatment process.

  • ISO 27001:2013

ISO Certificate

Medicover Clinic follows strict standards of information security. Only practicing physicians have access to the patient information.

Surgery Center

Doctors treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, abdominal organs, skin, and joints. Laparoscopy and endoscopy are conducted here. Those are minimally invasive operations conducted through small incisions or natural openings.

A doctor performs endoscopic procedures using a tube with a camera on its end. Depending on the affected organ, the tube is injected through the mouth or anus. That way, the procedure is performed without punctures and does not require general anesthesia.

Laparoscopic interventions are performed by surgeons for the treatment of abdominal organs. A physician makes several punctures in the abdomen through which an optical device and surgical instruments are inserted. In this way, Medicover doctors remove appendicitis, umbilical hernia, gallbladder, and GI tract tumors. Patient recovery after laparoscopy is fast, no extensive scars remain.

Oncological Surgery Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in the surgical removal of malignant tumors. Oncological diseases are diagnosed with the help of ultrasound, computed tomography, and biopsy (sampling for tissue analysis).

Oncosurgeons operate through small incisions. This shortens a rehabilitation period; a patient does not have extensive scarring.

Bariatric Surgery Department (treatment of obesity)

Treatment of patients with excess weight is carried out by a bariatric surgeon, a nutritionist, a psychologist, and a rehabilitologist.

To reduce weight, doctors of the Department perform:

  • conservative therapy, which includes consultations with a psychologist and a nutritionist, making an individual menu
  • an installation of a gastric balloon that reduces the patient's appetite
  • stomach bandaging, after which a person feels sated quickly
  • gastric bypass, which allows losing up to 70% of weight.

MRI at Medicover for oncology diagnostics

Cardiosurgery Department

The Cardiac Surgery at Medicover is the leading Department for the treatment of pulmonary embolism and pulmonary hypertension in Poland. Doctors of the Department perform:

  • coronary artery bypass graft after a heart attack or ischemic disease
  • endovascular replacement and correction of heart valves through a thin catheter, without skin incisions
  • operations in case of aneurysm of the ascending aorta
  • surgical treatment of congenital and acquired defects
  • surgery for heart cancer.

Neurosurgery Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in the surgical treatment of injuries, hernias, and tumors of the spine.

Medicover neurosurgeons operate applying the technique of minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS). MISS is an intervention through one or more small incisions. The advantages of the method are:

  • pain after surgery is less than after traditional surgery
  • a patient loses less blood and restores faster
  • postoperative scars are not noticeable.

Orthopedics Department

Doctors of the Department treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and carry out rehabilitation of patients after operations and sports injuries.

Such procedures are performed:

  • diagnostic arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee, ankle, and hip joint. The procedure is carried out through several punctures on the skin, under local anesthesia. A doctor administers the optical device into the affected area, estimates the condition of the tissues and makes an accurate diagnosis;
  • arthroplasty of the knee, hip, and shoulder joints. A surgeon performs the operation through 2-3 punctures, without incisions;
  • reconstruction of tendons and ligaments;
  • correction of congenital and acquired deformities of the limbs;
  • removal of benign tumors of the musculoskeletal system.

Doctors of the Medicover Clinic use the newest treatment methods, such as:

  • Orthokine-therapy (Orthokine®)

A doctor takes the patient's blood and receives the serum in the laboratory. Then it is injected into the body to stop the inflammatory processes and stimulate the regeneration of tissues.

Orthokin therapy is used to treat osteoarthritis, chronic muscle pain.

  • Regenerative therapy CELLULAR MATRIX™

A patient is given a blood plasma with hyaluronic acid. Substances accelerate healing, reduce pain, and prevent degeneration of the joint.

  • Stem cell therapy LIPOGEMS

Doctors produce stem cells from the fat tissue of a patient, inject them into the affected joint. As a result of therapy, the cells of the body are restored.

Doctors conduct a procedure for the treatment of osteoarthritis, restoration of bone and cartilaginous tissues.

Gynecology Department

Doctors of the Medicover Clinic Department specialize in the treatment of patients with endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, malignant tumors, and infertility.

To diagnose the pathology, doctors use ultrasound with color Doppler, CT, and MRI. These techniques allow diagnosing diseases at the early stage.

Surgery is performed by doctors using laparoscopy or hysteroscopy. Laparoscopic interventions are performed by surgeons through 3-4 punctures in the peritoneum. Hysteroscopic procedure is an operation through the vagina without incisions. After this procedure, a patient is restored 2-3 times faster than after the open surgery.

Maternity room ar Medicover


Patients stay in a single, double or a two-room apartment. The rooms are equipped with adjustable beds, air conditioning, and TV. All rooms have free Wi-Fi. A patient can order an individual menu.

The Medicover Clinic allows staying with the family and children. Their accommodation is paid separately.

Hospital ward at Medicover



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Anton Feb 14, 2019
The patient was treated of arrhythmia

Excellent and prompt service. They told (without insisting) which hospital and which doctor to contact. Initially I planned a survey in South Korea, but on the recommendation of the Bookimed coordinator, I went to the Italian clinic of San Donato, to Dr. Carlo Pappone, and I have no regrets. Special thanks to Anton Volvak and the representative of the clinic San Donato, Julia. Paid directly to the clinic (after all procedures), the price is the same as reported by an employee bookimed. Bottom line: I recommend this service.

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Sergey Feb 14, 2019
The patient was treated of atrial fibrillation

Tall. Competent. Liked it. In organizing a trip

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Anonymous Feb 13, 2019
The patient was treated of bronchiectasis

Impressions are positive. Good, attentive doctors, translators do their job well. Modern equipment, everything is done quickly and efficiently.

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