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The patient underwent artificial insemination (ivf)

I want to share my experience of treatment in Turkey thanks to the site, to which I came out quite by accident, but it's not for nothing that they say that nothing in life happens by accident!

I left the application at and in just 30 minutes the coordinator called back to me. We discussed all the issues and I was offered several versions of the clinics. Together with the coordinator, we selected the clinic that suited us, to which the references and results of my unsuccessful treatment were sent.

A few days later I was given an answer from the clinic and sent an invitation. After that I just got ready and flew in. About what for a second I do not regret!

I want to thank my coordinators, the professionals of my case, Kristina Zadorozhnaya and Sofia Shenochak for prompt assistance in arranging our visit, in resolving many questions regarding treatment and just for moral support.

I was very lucky with the doctor Dr. Selman Lachin, who performed the operation very professionally and at the highest level. Already on the 2nd day after the operation I felt well, and on the 5th day I returned home!

Therefore, based on my experience I want to advise people who are afraid to fly to a foreign country and are afraid of the unknown .. take a chance, fly, and real professionals will help you find and fix the problem.

I am very grateful to the site and my doctor for everything!

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