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The patient was treated of hemorrhagic vasculitis

I want to express my great gratitude to the coordinating doctor Katya Bonko, I could not say that I was not more attentive and responsive, a competent doctor !!! She felt at a distance that she was worried about me ... My daughter in Russia had hemorrhagic vasculitis mixed, planted for three years on the strictest diet, limited the active child in everything! In short, on their recommendation, I should have put the child in a flask! Where I just did not apply in Russia, but for some reason this diagnosis frightened everyone! Upset I began to search the Internet for answers to my questions and came across Bookimed ... I decided to fill out a questionnaire! Katia immediately contacted me! Having listened to everything that disturbs me, she quickly picked up the Medicalpark clinic and recommended to us a wonderful (as it turned out) Dr. Aysha children's rheumatologist !!! On the very first day of our arrival, we were taken to the clinic to see a doctor. This day for my child was one of the happiest! She lifted all restrictions !!! Our happiness was beyond limit !!! Quickly passed the examination. Said the child is healthy, live a full life! We were given a responsible, good interpreter !!! Thanks to the organizer Aigul, immediately responded and solved the problems (although there were practically no problems, only the language barrier

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