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I wanted to share my experience of the survey in Germany, if more precisely, at the Solingen Clinic.

The wife has transferred 2 operations on a stomach, resection on B-II after have altered on B-I. We continued to accompany ourselves for a long time, because doctors did not want to take us for a walk or let us circle. We go around a lot of clinics in Kiev and did not find doctors who were ready to deal with the condition of the body, diagnose and offer a treatment regimen.

After much thought, they decided to apply through the Bookimed site. Manager Ekaterina helped to select a clinic and doctors, with specialization applied to our case. We were offered a personal system of body examination (for gastroenterology). In the Solingen clinic, an international office in the person of Marina and Alexandra, provided the necessary assistance in negotiations with doctors and helped resolve all issues that we had.

We expected that we would come, and everything would revolve around us (to examine, do something, advise, treat). But medicine in Germany is a little different, it needed to be ready and we had to learn it on the go. We were listened to, the professor on the basis of ours appointed a survey, tests, consultations of other doctors and what he considered necessary for our diagnosis. Frankly, with such thoroughness and so meticulously (in the good sense of the word) we were never examined. During the examination, doctors excluded anomalies that could form in the body (tumors, improperly performed operations, a violation of the body's physiology, adhesions). After the examination, medical treatment was started. Preparations are selected by adding or removing one tablet and controlling the condition of the body.

Separately I want to note the care of medical personnel, from nurses to doctors, comfort and warmth - all for the patient.

After the examination in Germany, the international office, translated the documents for Ukrainian doctors and provided survey protocols, both in German and in Russian, CD-ROMs with the results of the surveys.

To sum up, I will say: if you want to examine the body and understand what to do next, I recommend Germany and the Solingen clinic. In the person of the medical staff of the clinic and employees of the international office you will find - sensitivity, understanding and desire to help. Doctors treat each patient equally well and at the highest professional level, every professional and in his place.

We have a positive impression of Germany and the Solingen clinic, German doctors and everyone who helped us and actively participated in solving various issues. I also recommend finding time and looking at Germany itself - it's very interesting and allows you to get an easier examination and treatment.

We consider that the trip costed those forces, money and the result that we received.

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