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I went to Liv hospital to do laser vision correction with the femto lasik method. However, I was not able to do this operation. The doctor who examined me found a small chance of 1 in 5,000 of the occurrence of a complication after the operation, and refused to do the operation. This is a brief description of my trip. Now I will tell in detail. I came to Istanbul for the second time to see a doctor to do a laser vision correction. The first time was in October 2018, but then I needed to strengthen the retina with an argon laser. Strengthening the retina was successful, and now my retina is in good condition. And the laser vision correction was postponed to December 2018. When I arrived in December (I am writing about this trip now), the doctor already knew that I want to do a laser vision correction. However, the operation was canceled. I do not understand why the doctor did not warn me about the cancellation of the operation earlier, in October? He could have examined me in October using his instruments. I specifically singled out a week in December for this operation, but the operation was not done. On the other hand, this doctor has a strong positive side - for a modest fee, he gave me quite a lot of time and attention. First, he examined me with his instruments, where he works. The devices showed that the situation with the right eyes is uncertain - it is unclear whether it is possible to perform an operation, or not. Then the doctor examined me several times with the same instruments, analyzed my images for a long time and discussed the problem with the nurses and the nurse. It took a few hours. Then the doctor said that my situation was not quite normal, and I contacted my colleague who works at American University Hastanesi, if I remember the name correctly. In this place recently appeared some new ophthalmologic apparatus, which is considered one of the newest. And the doctor arranged for me to do an additional examination there on this device free of charge in order to clarify my borderline situation. Then came the negative point: the doctor said that my situation is borderline, and if I have an operation, there is a small risk of complications on the sclera or on the cornea, I did not understand exactly. If there are complications, another operation will be needed. Therefore, I have one day to decide whether I agree to have surgery despite the risk. I thought until the morning, decided to have an operation and reported it. However, after that the doctor invited me to his place, talked about the fact that he would not take the risk, and as a result refused to do the operation. I do not understand, if the doctor in any case decided not to have an operation for me, why did he ask me to think one day and make a decision? In addition, if I can’t do the femto lasik correction, why haven’t I been offered an alternative - the smile method, the implantation of phakic lenses? Why didn’t the doctor say a word about these alternatives? I myself asked about phakic lenses, but the doctor and the staff were very busy at that time, in parallel with me the doctor was still taking other patients, and I did not receive an answer to the question. This is the description of my trip to Liv Hospital. Next, I will look for another doctor to do a laser vision correction.

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