medium price level

5 days clinic's response speed

528 patients have already received the treatment plan

Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong (KUIMS)

medium price level

5 days clinic's response speed

528 patients have already received the treatment plan

Kyung Hee University International Medical Services (KUIMS) was found in 2006. Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong is an accredited, multi-specialty, university hospital located in Seoul, Korea. KUIMS is equipped with 800 beds and has over 30 specialty centers. The Hospital offers diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. KUIMS serves over 14,000 international patients annually. English is widely spoken in the Hospital. The main goal of KUIMS is integrating of traditional Korean healthcare system around the world.

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16 patients' reviews
The patient was consulted in this clinic

Excellent staff with translation services. Prices are reasonable, as is the service system. Reception try to appoint the patient under free time. All at the professional level!

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The patient was treated of diabetes type 2

All was good. The only thing that overshadowed, the first reception of the doctor. I had to sell more than two hours, although I arrived 15 minutes before the appointed time. Everything else was on top!

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The patient underwent check-up

Everything is super !!! Five Stars!!! I liked it very much, the service of the clinic KUIMS is very fast and efficient. Many thanks to the girls translators, Nare and Lena, thanks for the organization of the company, the girls Barbara and Katerina, everything is super! Good luck to all!!!

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The patient was diagnosed in this clinic

Very grateful

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The patient was diagnosed in this clinic

All stages: recording, treatment and reception were without delay and at a good level. Good clinic.

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Prices for diagnostics

CT of the chest
Complex diagnostics of lung cancer
$3000 - $3500
Complex diagnostics of breast cancer
$3000 - $4500
Premium Check up
$1200 - $1500
Check up for men
starting $540
Check up for women
starting $660
Blood sugar level test
Complex diagnostics of thyroid
$700 - $800
Panoramic X-ray
$70 - $90
Lab tests
$150 - $300
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Treatment costs

starting $1000
Porcelain Veneer
starting $800
Radioiodine therapy
$1000 - $3500
Radiation therapy for stomach cancer
$10000 - $13000
starting $18000
Strabismus surgery
$3400 - $3800
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer
Retinal detachment surgery
$5400 - $6900
Installation of a veneer
starting $800
Surgical removal of the brain cyst
starting $30000
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About hospital

Kyung Hee University Clinic Trends:

  • Over 500,000 patients annually undergo outpatient treatment;
  • Over 200,000 patients annually undergo inpatient treatment;
  • 14,000 International patients annually;

KUIMS is the first Korean university hospital to open integrated treatment centers of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Traditional Korean Medicine and Dental Medicine in one hospital. The Hospital is included in TOP 10 clinics in South Korea.

Kyung Hee Hospital cooperates with 33 agencies, hospitals, universities in 14 countries of North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

In 2009 Kyung Hee University Medical Center was declared as Korean medical brand and received the Minister of Health and Welfare award for inviting patients from overseas.

For contribution in making Korea a leader in International Medical Services KUIMS is recognized as the General Hospital with the Best International Medical Infrastructure by:

  • Korea’s Ministry of Health;
  • Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO);
  • Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).

Diagnostics and treatment at Kyung Hee University Hospital

KUIMS is the only medical center of Korea, which provides a one-stop medical system for offering patients the highest quality of medical services and the new methods of the treatment based on the principles of West and East healthcare systems. The Hospital works to share its medical expertise and advanced diagnostic and treatment systems with medical professionals through fellowship programs.

Kyung Hee University Hospital sure-fire figures of surgical procedures

KUIMS is equipped with the cutting-edge technologies: 3.0T MRI, PET-CT, robotic navigation and RapidArc (radiation cancer treatment machinery). Kyung Hee University Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in Asia to install and use the RapidArc System by Varien to fight cancer. RapidArc delivers a highly precise treatment much faster than other technologies. Treatment that once took 15-30 minutes can be accomplished in about 2 minutes.

Specialists of the Hospital use medicaments, which are producted in KUIMS laboratory. For producing of west medicaments specialists of KUIMS use the components grown in the locality of province Gangwon-do, near Seoul. Clean environment gives an opportunity to use ecologically pure natural raw materials of the highest quality for pharmaceutical production.

Infrastructure of KUIMS:

Kyung Hee Medical Center includes Medical Hospital, Oriental Hospital, Dental Hospital and Integrative Center, where specialists provide an accurate diagnosis and an effective plan of treatment.

Integrative Center consists of Center for Joint Diseases and Rheumatism, Kyung Hee Spine Center and Stroke Center.

KUIMS offer Smart Service or Fast Track Medical Consultation which consists of:

  • Fast Track - providing of quick processes for hospitalization and matching with specialists and quick result;
  • Smart Service - reducing waiting time and translation fee;
  • Smart Check-up - providing of a proper examination depending on patient's requirements;
  • After-Care Service - planning to take care of patients through video calls or by connecting patients with cooperative hospitals after returning.


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Brain Cancer Breast cancer Cervical cancer Diabetes type 2 Liver cancer Lung cancer Melanoma Prostate cancer Sarcoma Stomach cancer Varicosity Acne Adenocarcinoma Alzheimer's disease Arrhythmia Astrocytoma Atrial fibrillation Autoimmune thyroiditis Basalioma Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Bladder cancer Bone cancer Cataract Chondrosarcoma Chordoma Colon cancer Colon cancer stage 1 Colon cancer stage 2 Colon cancer stage 3 Colon cancer stage 4 Coronary artery disease Diffusive-toxic goiter Epilepsy Esophageal cancer Fibroadenoma Gallbladder cancer gastric metaplasia Gastritis Gastrocele Glaucoma Glioma Hearing loss Hypothyroidism Kidney cancer Larynx cancer Leiomyosarkoma Liver cancer stage 1 Liver cancer stage 2 Liver cancer stage 3 Liver cancer stage 4 Lung cancer stage 1 Lung cancer stage 2 Lung cancer stage 3 Lung cancer stage 4 Lung sarcoma Lupus erythematosus lymphangioma Medulloblastoma Meningioma Meniscus tear Metastases in the liver Nasopharyngeal cancer Nephroblastoma Ovarian cancer ovarian cyst Pancreatic cancer Pancreatitis Parkinson"s disease Pituitary adenoma Prostate cancer stage 1 Prostate cancer stage 2 Prostate cancer stage 3 Prostate cancer stage 4 Prostatic hyperplasia Prostatitis Psoriasis Rectal adenocarcinoma Rectal cancer Retinal detachment Rhabdomyosarcoma Sigmoid adenocarcinoma Small intestine cancer Stomach cancer stage 1 Stomach cancer stage 2 Stomach cancer stage 3 Stomach cancer stage 4 Strabismus Testicular cancer Thymoma Thyroid cancer Thyroid disease thyrotoxicosis Tongue cancer Tonsil cancer Tonsillitis Ulcerative colitis Urinary incontinence Uterine cancer Uterine fibroids uterine prolapse Сarcinomatosis
Disease not found

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The patient was treated of lung cancer

Very fast reaction from Bookimed in communication. Initial discussion was for an appointment in AKH and subsequently we have been forwarded to the Privatklinik. The Klinik looks very well managed. We still did not proceed with the treatment and I'm not currently able to share opinion about the Clinic itself and the treatment (will come back soon, once have treatment there). I've been in the Wiener Privatklinik for a consultation. I manage to meet the exact doctors/professors for which I was looking for a contact and did a good job. The whole story was organized and managed by Bookimed with care for the patient. Angelina Ivanenko was my contact in Bookimed and even she was on vacation for the Christmas holidays she did not put on hold the communication. For us this was very important that we are not losing time.

The patient was treated of urolithiasis

I am certainly satisfied with the help and patience I received from my medical coordinator at Bookimed. I couldn’t be more happier with the medical procedures Me and my father have received. The hospital staff were patient and very careful with the health care of my father. So far i have recommended my aunt and her son with bookimed and I know they will love it also. Thank you so much Bookimed.

The patient was treated of larynx cancer

All services in the clinic at a high level. Med staff on level. The coordinator helped and kept in touch constantly, even during off hours

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The patient was treated of basalioma

When they learned what was needed in the clinic, they didn’t even know where to run and whom to contact. Coordinators helped to select a clinic. They gave us a doctor. Everything went great, the doctor is a true professional.  Separately, I want to note the attitude to patients. We were met at the airport, brought to the clinic and there was already a translator waiting. Literally "by the hand" we were taken to the doctors, everyone translated. Then they provided a taxi to the hotel.   During the operation, the ward was provided for two people - for the patient and the attendant; both of them were included in the cost of the operation.   After surgery, the doctor held a consultation, making sure that you can fly back. And only then answered questions remotely that arose.  Clinic definitely recommend

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