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5 days clinic's response speed

609 patients have already received the treatment plan

Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong (KUIMS)

medium price level

5 days clinic's response speed

609 patients have already received the treatment plan

Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong, also known as KUIMS, is a multidisciplinary medical facility in Seoul (capital of South Korea).

KUIMS is a first and only global center that combines different medical approaches in one facility — international medicine with the traditional one.

Oncology, medical check-ups, orthopedics, and dentistry are the leading specialties at Kyung Hee University Medical Center.

The center is a medical partner of the FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan and is recognized as an outstanding facility by WHO and UNICEF.

1,500,000 patient visit KUIMS annually.

Hospital's rating according to patients' reviews Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong (KUIMS)

The ranking is based on scores and reviews of hospital's real patients only

20 patients' reviews
The patient was treated of lupus erythematosus

We arrived in advance with a child from another city, the first minus that we have to wait, because Fourteen patients were enrolled for 14 hours. I think because of this, the doctor was in a hurry with the techniques, didn’t even look at me, listened to my problem through an interpreter, expressed her point of view (I had doubts between allergies and systemic lupus erythematosus), said that most likely it was an allergy you can still be tested for lupus, my apparently was not enough, they are worth for my own reassurance $ 840
I’m sitting and don’t know, not necessarily, the translator took me away from the office, so I went out for 6 minutes, took my reception and that's it !!! I donated $ 70 and left without understanding anything, and I knew all this in Russia, but no one gave me any specifics. In general, I am not happy with such a reception, the only translator is good

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The patient was treated of autism

It was not what we expected. We wanted to either confirm or deny the diagnosis. In the end, we did not get anything. Due to age, while the coordinating physician could have warned that in Korea such diagnoses are made from two years, we could postpone the trip. The clinic did not like the fact that she was not such a nursery. Severance would have been better, but they refused us, apparently because of a small age. Therefore, we went to Kvims, nevertheless, it turned out to be not quite the right direction, that is, pediatrics is not his direction.

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The patient underwent check-up

I liked everything, expected something supernatural for such money, but alas. We in Russia have not bad hospitals, even better than Kvims. No offense. In Novosibirsk, in Irkutsk, we have doctors and travel routes. I did not understand until the end, why people go there and give such loot for examination. Operations? And here in Moscow and St. Petersburg are not doing badly. I do not know, my opinion is purely. And in Korea, the unreasonable price tag for narrow specialists and so on. And I didn’t understand anything in the package, it seems more like a conveyor belt. This is my first impression.
Maybe quims just an economy option? Although I traveled with a friend, he was at the top of the clinic and also saw nothing.
And so in general, the rules rolled.
And according to the test results I was told everything, too, as in Irkutsk I passed. It is certainly not very bad, I thought that I was much more serious. Ugh.

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The patient underwent consultation with a urologist

Excellent staff with translation services. Prices are reasonable, as is the service system. Reception try to appoint the patient under free time. All at the professional level!

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The patient was treated of diabetes type 2

All was good. The only thing that overshadowed, the first reception of the doctor. I had to sell more than two hours, although I arrived 15 minutes before the appointed time. Everything else was on top!

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Prices for diagnostics

Gastroscopy with biopsy
Thyroid ultrasound
Extended analysis of blood
Tumor Marker Blood Test
Consultation with an oncologist
$50 - $60
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Treatment costs

starting $1000
Installation of a dental implant
starting $4000
Resection of the esophagus
$35000 - $40000
Hip replacement
Radioiodine therapy
$800 - $3500
$31000 - $32000
$4600 - $6100
Radiofrequency ablation
$15000 - $17000
$3500 - $4000
Chemotherapy for lung cancer
$1000 - $1500
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Additional service

The availability of services may be limited or provided under certain circumstances


Airport to clinic
$80 - $100
Clinic to airport
$80 - $100


Russian English Chinese Vietnamese

Help with accommodation

Help with booking hotels or apartments, billed daily
From $45

About hospital

Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong (Seoul) was founded in 1971. KUIMS is the first Korean university hospital united integrated treatment centers of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Traditional Korean Medicine and Dental Medicine in one hospital.

International Medical Association (KMMA/KIMA) has recognized KUIMS as the leading hospital in South Korea for medical tourism.

Leading specialties at Kyung Hee University Medical Center


  • Fast Track system. The Fast Track system is a service that guarantees the priority for international patients during diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. Kyung Hee University Hospital is the first facility in South Korea to use this systematic approach. Fast Track system allows foreign patients avoiding queues, saving a lot of time and money during treatments.
  • Innovative technologies. KUIMS doctors use innovative radiotherapeutic devices (RapidArc and Gamma Knife), an advanced robotic system (Da Vinci XI), non-surgical orthopedic therapy (Invossa K injection).
  • Lower prices. Specialists of Kyung Hee University Hospital carry out diagnostic tests and treatments cheaper than in other Korean hospitals.

Kyung Hee University Medical Center in figures

KUIMS statistics


A medical check-up is one of the leading specialties at KUIMS. The center has received an award as the best one for health screening in the world by Bookimed. The award winners have been chosen according to the patients' reviews, medical service quality, and treatment success index.

KUIMS doctors provide Smart Check-Up, a diagnostic approach when a patient undergoes tests appropriate for their health condition, sex, age, and other personal characteristics.

  • Basic and Premium check-up programs at KUIMS Medical Center include body composition analysis, all necessary lab tests, and examinations of eyes, heart, lungs, endocrine system, digestive organs, and some other specific tests. Premium screening contains more diagnostic tests than the Basic one to explore the patient's condition in more details.
  • Intensive screening program involves exams of major organs for early detection of possible diseases according to personal lifestyle and family history. This check-up is divided into 2 types according to the patient's sex — male and female.
  • Cancer check-up package in Kyung Hee University Hospital consists of diagnostic procedures to detect or prevent cancers.
  • Overnight program combines overall in-depth examinations while a patient sleeps in the KUIMS VIP suite. This package is particularly important for people with neurological diseases (especially, for epilepsy).
  • Special screening pack includes only specific procedures according to the patient's age. It is the most proper diagnostic option before marriage and for children (3-aged and over) or adolescents (13-aged and over). The program is helpful for the early detection and prevention of diseases.
  • Set program at Kyung Hee Medical Center is a combination of customized tests and additional examinations to adjust individual needs.

Check-up programs at KUIMS

Check-up Center at KUIMS Medical Center


KUIMS is among the best Korean clinics specializing in the treatment of stomach, liver, colorectal, pancreatic, breast, lung, brain, gynecological, prostate cancers, lymphomas, and blood malignant disorders as well.

Treatment of digestive organs tumors is a leading specialty at KUIMS Oncology Center. The Endoscopy Department is the best in the country according to the Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Doctors here prefer conducting minimally invasive interventions that reduce the risk of complications and speed up recovery period after surgery.

➤ Radiotherapy Center

Radiological therapy with RapidArc at KUIMSOncologists at KUIMS Medical Center carry out radiological therapy with RapidArc — a new type of radio technology. Doctors use this device to destroy 2.5-5 mm tumors (size of a pencil tip).

RapidArc works with intensity modulation (IGRT / IMRT technologies) and visual control. It makes therapy more precise than traditional radiotherapy and accelerates the patient's recovery period.

Pros of RapidArc:

  • reduces treatment period by 80%
  • is cheaper than traditional radiotherapy.

➤ Gamma Knife Center

Gamma Knife radiation treatment at KUIMSGamma Knife is the most innovative radiation treatment for tumors of small or medium size in children and adults. KUIMS doctors use Perfection Leksell Gamma Knife — the most precise radiotherapy technology.

Advantages of Perfection Gamma Knife:

  • High level of safety due to the radiation source adjusting.
  • The procedure is non-invasive. Doctors operate with Gamma Knife in one day without an overnight hospital stay.
  • No discomfort during the treatment as far as the device adapts to the patient's breathing and movements during the treatment.
  • Exact point hit — the Perfection divides the radiation into 8 sectors that helps to target only the diseased tissues and save the healthy ones.
  • Excellent image processing that helps to analyze each step of the therapy.
  • Perfection Gamma Knife can deliver a high dose of radiation in 26 targets during one procedure. This is a very important for people who have a lot of disease foci.

➤ Robotic Surgery Center

Robotic surgery at KUIMSKyung Hee University Hospital is well-known among international patients for state-of-the-art robot-assisted equipment. Surgeons use an innovative Da Vinci XI device for surgical treatment of different organs.

Da Vinci XI system is the most advanced minimally invasive option for colorectal, general, urological, gynecological, thoracic complex surgeries.

The Da Vinci XI robot helps the surgeon to:

  • perform a precise surgery though 3D-HD imaging (a surgeon monitors and controls all robotic movements)
  • cut down operating time
  • make minimal incisions and reduce recovery after the procedure.


Gene therapy for knee osteoarthritis at KUIMS Kyung Hee University Hospital is the world's first hospital to provide gene therapy for knee osteoarthritis — Invossa K injection. This therapeutic method is the best option to reduce pain for elderly patients, and those who cannot go through the knee replacement.

Invossa K is a non-surgical method. An orthopedist makes only one injection to the knee joint allowing the cells to repair and regenerate the tissues. The procedure does not require anesthesia. A patient quickly returns to their everyday life and does not feel pain for 2 years and more.

➤ Spine center

Specialists of Kyung Hee University Medical Center combine Western and Korean medical approaches to achieve better results in vertebra diseases treatment.


✓ International patients receive a discount for accommodation in VIP rooms. So you receive VIP accommodation for the price of standard single room.

✓ Single, double, triple, quad, 5- and 6-person rooms are available in Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong. The price of accommodation depends on the chosen type of a ward.

✓ Transfer from an airport is paid additionally.

Single room at KUIMS

Single room at Kyung Hee University Medical Center


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Disease not found

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Galina Mar 21, 2019
The patient was treated of ovarian cancer

All is well. normal adequate people work there

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Anastasiia Mar 21, 2019
The patient was treated of epilepsy

All the good, we are all in charge. Manager, Bookimed Bouw Chemny

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Nestor Mar 21, 2019
The patient was treated of epilepsy

Normally, I liked everything. What did not get, I hope I will get further, they want to take us to Spain for a survey. The professor treated well, I recommend! Thank you more!

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Georgiy Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of osteoarthritis of the hip

We are grateful to the Bookimed staff for organizing our trip to a foreign clinic. The coordinators were all the time in touch, helped in all questions. I recommend Bookimed!

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Anonymous Mar 20, 2019
The patient underwent hair transplant

The right side is not dostaili hair transplants, and everything is fine.

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