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TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking
German Cancer Society

Helios Park Hospital in Leipzig is one of the largest hospitals in Germany. It is included in the rating of the best national medical centers according to the Focus version.

Main specialties are oncology and hematology, cardiology, orthopedics, gastroenterology.

Helios Leipzig has achieved a high treatment success rate. According to the hospital’s data, 100% of vessel surgeries and 99.9% of stomach tumors removals do not cause complications.

Helios Park Hospital serves 50,000 German and international patients annually.

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1 patient reviews
Apr 28, 2019
The patient was treated of mitral valve insufficiency

About the hospital
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Helios Leipzig belongs to the largest medical network in Germany — Helios Hospital Group. It consists of 112 private and university facilities, emergency hospitals, and rehab centers.

Helios Leipzig was established in 1901.

The hospital is located 6 km from the central Marktplatz square and 23 km from the International Airport.

Advantages of Helios Leipzig

  • Best doctors in Germany. 5 doctors working at Helios Leipzig are among top German specialists according to the Focus magazine. They perform a great number of successful surgeries, apply the latest treatment options, and regularly participate in international conferences.
  • The newest methods. 30 international research are being conducted in the hospital nowadays. Most of them are dedicated to cancer treatment. Patients treated at Helios Leipzig are the 1st to receive access to the latest medical developments.
  • Positive patients’ reviews. The Committee for Quality works on the premises of the hospital. It is responsible for patients’ satisfaction with medical services. According to the annual committee's report, 93.6% of patients are satisfied with the diagnostics and treatment.

Helios Leipzig in figures

Helios Leipzig in figures

Awards and achievements

Top hospitals in Germany 2018

Among the top-rated German hospitals in 2018

Helios Leipzig is in the rating of top German medical centers according to the Focus magazine opinion. The hospital is included in the top list for the number of successful surgeries, quality of equipment and positive reviews of patients.

German Cancer Society

German Cancer Society certificate

The hospital is accredited by the German Cancer Society as the highest-class center. The certificate is given for the high success of procedures (99.9% in case of stomach surgery) and the newest treatment options applied in the clinic.

Cancer Center

Helios Leipzig Cancer Center is a large facility. It consists of oncology, hematology, radiology, gastrointestinal tract and pancreas cancer departments.

What is oncological consilium?

Every week a multidisciplinary conference takes place in the hospital. Doctors of 15 specialties meet together. Among them are oncologists, surgeons, hematologists, radiologists, chemotherapists. Doctors discuss each case individually and develop the most effective treatment plan for a patient.

Oncology and Hematology Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in drug therapy of malignant tumors and blood diseases.

Such techniques are applied:

  • Immunotherapy. The drugs activate body defenses and block the development of cancer cells.
  • Targeted therapy is similar to standard chemotherapy, but the targeted drugs directly influence the malignant cells minimally affecting healthy tissues. Such side effects as hair loss and stomach ache do not occur.
  • Bone marrow transplant. The procedure is performed for patients after a high-dose chemotherapy to restore a normal blood formation.

Gastrointestinal Tract Treatment Center

Doctors of the Center specialize in the treatment of stomach, esophagus, intestine, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.

The Department is certified by the German Cancer Society (DKG) for the treatment of colon and pancreatic cancer.

99.9% is a success rate of stomach tumors removals according to the hospital’s data.

Oncological Surgery

More than a half of surgeries are carried out applying minimally invasive techniques. It is an intervention through small incisions in the skin. Such a method allows reducing the admission period and boosting patient’s recovery.

Orthopedics and Traumatology Center

Doctors of the Department specialize in hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries, treatment of injuries, arthroscopy, joint replacements.

What is an arthroscopy?

It is a minimally invasive procedure for diagnostics and treatment of the knee, shoulder, ankle. Doctors conduct a surgery using a special device — an arthroscope which equipped with a tiny camera and a light source. All manipulations are carried out through several incisions up to 3 cm in size.

Due to a low injury rate of tissues, the hospital stay period is no more than 1-2 days. A patient returns to a normal life faster than after a traditional surgery.

Arthroscopic surgery is applied to treat osteoarthritis, postpone the artificial joint installation, or restore a mobility after a trauma.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Joint Replacement Center

The Endoprosthetics Department of Helios Leipzig is a certified interregional joint replacement center.

The majority of procedures are performed applying minimally invasive techniques. The installation of the hip joint is carried out through the 10 cm long incision made in front part of the hip. During a standard surgery, an incision is 20 cm. The recovery after a minimally invasive procedure is 2 times faster than after a traditional one.

Helios Leipzig orthopedic surgeons carry out 600 hip replacements and 530 knee replacements.

Services for international patients

  • A patient stays in 1- or 2-bed wards. There is a possibility for an accompanying person to stay together with a patient in 1 ward.
  • A meal on a hospital’s menu.
  • There is a cafe in the Helios Leipzig territory.

1-bed room

1-bed room

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Up to 100 years
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