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40 patients have already received the treatment plan

Helios Krefeld Clinic

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40 patients have already received the treatment plan

Helios Krefeld Hospital is a multidisciplinary center in Germany, one of the most modern facilities in Europe. Since 2015 to 2017, it took the leading positions among top hospitals of Germany according to the Focus magazine ranking.

Specialties of the hospital are surgery, oncology, heart surgery, orthopedics. Over 57,500 patients choose Helios Krefeld for treatment. According to the anonymous survey, 95% of patients are satisfied with the diagnostics and treatment.

Hospital's rating according to patients' reviews Helios Krefeld Clinic

The ranking is based on scores and reviews of hospital's real patients only

11 patients' reviews
The patient was treated of thyroid cancer

Good day. I want to thank our coordinator Christmas Eve Alyona, who accompanied and our training, sending, and while we were at the operation in the clinic was also in touch constantly. We liked the clinic very much, the staff is very considerate and polite.

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The patient was treated of chronic uterine bleeding

Perfect coordination by Bookimed and perfect stuff in Helios clinics.

The patient was treated of coxarthrosis

I wanted to mention separately the responsive employee who helped everyone in everything and everywhere, without leaving a single question without attention - Varvara Avotinsh (if I do not confuse her last name). The Germans, of course, great. In this clinic, they don’t take it for sure. A couple of weeks after discharge, I received a final bill in which I was informed that there was a balance following the expenses, and it turned out to be not small)) of course, I was very bribed. Besides the fact that the operation, ugh, ugh was successful, and the recovery is fast, I made sure that money in this clinic is not put in the first place. In general, I am not afraid to recommend. Well, at least that hip arthroplasty can be trusted to Dr. Kraft.

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The patient underwent hip replacement

Very good service and very efficient staff. Thank you very much again.

The patient was treated of pulmonary hypertension

The doctor was not competent in my illness. There was an oblique cardiologist. The coordinator promised a super test for my illness, but this examination was not. The doctor asked Vapros why I came to visit. Nobody passed the history of my illness into the clinics to the coordinators. I waited for a meeting with the doctor for more than 1.5 hours that I was scheduled for an appointment at 9:30 am. The examinations were done by themselves that they do in any wedge. There was even a blood test in the wedge.

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Prices for diagnostics

MRI of the abdominal cavity
Complex diagnostics of thyroid
Complex diagnostics of breast cancer
€4500 - €5900
Revision of biopsy and immunohistochemistry
Consultation with a gastroenterologist
Consultation with an oncologist

Treatment costs

Mohs microsurgery
€2500 - €4500
Chemoembolization of the liver
starting €6000
Radiotherapy for breast cancer
€16000 - €20000
Breast cancer surgery
€6100 - €12380
Adenoid Removal
€800 - €2500
Radioiodine therapy
Removal of the cyst
€2750 - €5800
Hip replacement
€7700 - €14000
Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
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About hospital

Helios Krefeld Clinic is one out of 112 medical centers belonged to Helios Hospital Group, the largest medical network in Europe.

Helios Krefeld Clinic was established in 1848. In 2014 the hospital was completely renovated.

The hospital is located in Krefeld, a 20 km away from Dusseldorf. The distance to the International Airport of Dusseldorf is 18 km.

Advantages of Helios Krefeld Hospital

  • Leading doctors of Germany and Europe

Helios Krefeld Professors are the presidents of medical societies of Germany and Europe. A lot of them head international ratings. Doctors and nurses regularly improve skills, interchange the experience with international colleagues.

  • Technical equipment

Helios Krefeld is one of the 1st medical facilities in Germany, where the hybrid operating theatre functions. Here doctors perform surgeries laparoscopically — through the small incisions, endoscopically — through the natural openings or punctures in the skin. The intervention is processed under MRI or CT control. After such procedures, a patient recovers faster than after open surgery.

Гибридная операционная

Hybrid operating theatre

  • Comfortable stay

Special attention is paid to the comfort — all the rooms are up-to-date designed with all conveniences. The doctors’ appointments are arranged in such a way to avoid queues for patients.

Awards and achievements

Top German hospitals' rating composed by Focus magazine

In top German hospitals rating 2015-2017 according to Forbes version

Helios Krefeld is included in the best hospitals rating according to such criteria as accessibility of the required equipment, doctors’ qualification, treatment access, and patients’ reviews.

DKG certificate

Certified Cancer Center

Helios Krefeld Cancer Center is certified by the German Society for Oncology (DKG). The most innovative therapies are applied; doctors have over 10 years of experience in oncological diseases treatment.

Helios Krefeld in figures

Helios Krefeld in figures

General and Abdominal Surgery Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in the surgical treatment of abdominal cavity, endocrine system pathologies, and obstetrics.

Success rates at Helios Krefeld

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgeries are carried out through the 5-10 mm incisions. Doctors use special instruments and a mini camera to remove the tumor, cysts or polyps. The medical team controls the surgery process on the monitor. It allows a doctor to operate with high accuracy without damaging the healthy organs.

Among the advantages of the method are:

  • boosted injury recovery
  • minimal painful sensation after the surgery
  • an absence of big scars
  • the admission term is shorter than after traditional intervention.

Малоинвазивная хирургия

Minimally invasive surgery training

Oncological surgery

Doctors specialize in stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, and esophagus cancers treatment. Surgical tumor removal is combined with chemo- and radiation therapies.

The treatment plan is developed individually for each patient, doctors discuss the advanced cases during the consilliums. Oncologists, radiologists, chemotherapists, hematologists and others meet together to consider the patient’s case. It allows choosing the most effective and safe treatment plan.

Specialists of the Department apply a minimally invasive surgical method to treat such diseases:

  • esophageal cancer
  • a stomach tumor
  • duodenal cancer
  • small-celled intestinal cancer
  • a tumor of the colon or rectum
  • pancreas cancer
  • metastases in the liver.

Cancer Center

Doctors of the Center specialize in the therapy of breast, colon, prostate, head and neck cancers.

Oncologists use such methods as:

  • Chemotherapy — cancer treatment with drugs. Doctors apply special “cold cap” to avoid hair loss during the treatment.
  • Targeted therapy — application of the drugs which directly influence a particular type of malignant cells. Targeted therapy causes much fewer side effects than standard chemotherapy.
  • Immunotherapy is a treatment with medicines that activate own patient’s immune system to kill cancer cells.
  • Combined chemotherapy is a simultaneous cycle of chemo- and radiotherapies. This method is more effective for cancer treatment than chemo- and radiation treatments separately.

Cold cap

A patient in a "cold cap"

Heart Surgery Department

Doctors of the Department specialize in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The surgeries are conducted in the hybrid operating theatres, where all the necessary equipment for open and minimally invasive operations is available.

TAVI — transcatheter aortic valve implantation without big skin incisions

Cardiac surgeons have been performed TAVI since 2010. The procedure is carried out through a fine tube (catheter), which is inserted in the femoral or carpal arteries. The implant is placed at the fine tube edge. Doctors control the intervention process using X-ray apparatus.

The procedure is less traumatic in comparison with the open surgery. A patient is discharged from the hospital in 1-3 days after TAVI.

Valve replacement applying Japanese Dr. Ozaki’s method

It is a state-of-the-art operation during which doctors place biological valve made of patient’s pericardial sac.

The procedure is conducted through a small incision between ribs in most of the cases.

The biological valve replants better than mechanic one, and a patient does not need to take the anti-clotting medicines for a lifetime.

Services for international patients

Services at Helios Krefeld

Одноместная палата

1-bed hospital room

Hospitals of the Helios Network in other cities:


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The patient was treated of infertility

Was in the clinic Medican on the recommendation of the coordinator Alexander. He quickly and clearly noted all the questions I was interested in, wrote down for a consultation. Meets the translator, so there are no language barriers. The first time I signed up for a consultation with a gynecologist-reproductologist Selman Lasin. It has to itself immediately. Very neat in inspection. Offers different treatment options based on your wishes and material capabilities. Very competent doctor! After consultation with him immediately decided on IVF. We arrived on the trail. Cycle with a spouse. The professor himself conducts the whole cycle. All staff is very attentive, sensitive and friendly. I was very pleased and recommend to everyone !!!

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The patient was treated of migraine

I stayed very long to see a doctor in Liv clinic such super doctors

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The patient was treated of atherosclerosis

The clinic can not evaluate, since I was there for one hour. He came with his analyzes, they didn’t say anything new, maybe this is good. Although I did not want to know.

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