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The patient underwent hip replacement

Hello! My name is Larissa, I'm from the city of Orenburg and led me here such a complicated disease as coxarthrosis of the hip joint. My disease I have a very long time, I was born with a congenital hip dislocation, which was cured during the first three years of my life. Then we experienced an accident with the family and I had a fracture of the right hip. I was treated for a long time, there was skeletal traction, then gypsum, for treatment it took two years, while Elizarov GA. I did not put the apparatus Elizarov. It was 35 years ago and in life I somehow managed to run and learn, get married, have children, grow them. And so it did not stop me. Three years ago, I felt a great pain, which prevented me from walking or sleeping and constantly distracted from normal life. When I underwent a complete examination and passed all the tests, I was told that the only way out is an operation. And as you want to go the rest of life in "their" feet, without any complications and infections and have a guarantee that our surgeons I could not give (even if they do not take offense), I chose the clinic. On the Internet, I found many clinics. Several clinics in Israel and Germany offered to help me, but for some reason I stopped at the Helios clinic in the city of Hamburg. I really instilled confidence in Professor Thorsten Gehrke, who operated on many Russian patients who can walk normally, cycling, driving and continue to move well. Of great importance is that it is in this clinic that there is a Russian-speaking physiotherapist Sergei Karsten, who has knowledge of all types of rehabilitation. He has developed his own tactics of massage and physical education. He knows how to properly develop joints, so that the body does not stagnate and does not sit too long and there was a full volume of movements.

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