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I was tormented by severe pain during movement or with a load on the hips, as a result of which I was restricted in movements, and in Russia the treatment consisted only in the use of strong analgesics. Physiotherapeutic treatment was not received. Almost could not move. I heard about the good quality of the German clinics, and above all that patients are quickly recovering. In Russia it is believed that after the installation of the hip joint prosthesis only after 6 months you can move normally, but here in a few weeks after the operation I was able to walk again. I also thought to be treated in Israel. There the price structure is similar to German, but there is no system of rehabilitation centers and rehabilitation therapy in Germany. In my search, I came across a private clinic HELIOS-ENDO (Helios, clinic of endoprosthetics). I was convinced not only by the reputation of the clinic itself, but also by the excellent responses of Russian patients who were treated in it. My expectations were that I would be able to walk again without pain after the treatment in Helios. And, despite the fact that the operation was done less than two weeks ago, my condition improved significantly. I am very pleased with the result. I was operated on by Professor Gerke, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. He not only perfectly operated on me, but despite the intense employment, he gave me a lot of his time. In the clinic I felt myself in safe hands.

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