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In 2013, I underwent endoprosthetics of the hip joint. The operation was done in Helios Endoklinik Hamburg, where they are engaged in the surgery of large joints. It is one of the best orthopedic clinics in Germany, and foreigners are accepted here.

When choosing a clinic, I was guided by three criteria.

First. The hospital should be specialized, and not multidisciplinary: when doctors deal with only one disease, their achievements are much higher than those of doctors whose practice is wide enough.

Second. It should be a large clinic that has been operating for a long time and has a good reputation.

Third. The hospital must be a university to carry out scientific work.

The endo clinic meets all of the above criteria: it is a large specialized university hospital, which has been operating for more than 20 years, is widely known in medical circles and has an impeccable reputation.

I learned about it on the Internet forum, where I was given a link to several videos with reviews. When I looked them over, the fear of the operation let me go. I saw quiet, smiling people on crutches and more and more filled with confidence that I will be all right. And they talked about prosthetics of the knee and hip joints as if talking about visiting a cosmetologist. In addition, they unanimously spoke about the need for rehabilitation after surgery (which in Russia, if carried out, then in a very truncated form), and the Russian-speaking osteopath, which this rehabilitation exercises.

Of course, I realized that the videos with reviews serve purely advertising purposes, but one thing is enthusiastic texts, which often belong to the pen of a PR manager or website editor, and quite another - the live stories of people with whom , as it turned out, can be contacted by phone or email.

When I arrived in Hamburg, reality did not disappoint me at all. On the contrary - from all it followed, that this clinic of a very high level. Medical technology is more modern than the one I had to deal with, research is being carried out quickly, the staff is acting in a coordinated manner. And the endless questionnaire for the selection of anesthesia clearly said that the individual characteristics of the patient are taken into account here as much as possible.

At our municipal hospitals the clinic is completely different. Moreover, they are even somehow strange to compare: they are in too different qualitative categories. If you make any analogies, then the Endo Clinic resembles European sanatoriums in thermal waters - only the staff, perhaps, is more friendly. A large modern building with stylish interiors, spacious rooms for one or two (of course, with a bathroom), everyone has their own TV with headphones. And, of course, a small refrigerator. For the convenience and safety of patients, the clinic provides everything to the last detail.

For example, a multifunctional bed. It consists of three parts and is easily transformed in the necessary way - you just have to press the control button. Immediately, next to, a small table on the hinged mount.

In the bathroom there are all the devices for hygienic procedures after the operation. The tile in the bathroom is not slippery (which is very important for a person on crutches), the floor in the ward is the same. And everywhere is incredibly clean! At the entrance to the ward there is a small device for disinfecting the hands of doctors and nurses. Wet cleaning - every day. After lunch, a person comes into the room, who is wondering if there are any needs outside the clinic's walls (meaning fresh press, fruit or small services). In a word, comfort and security are at the heart of this. If you evaluate the quality of prosthetics, then it says respectful reviews of Russian surgeons who saw my X-ray after surgery.

More importantly, the clinic has its own know-how, which relates to the implantation of the prosthesis into the joint. You do not think about it in advance, but when you plunge into the topic and learn about possible complications, you understand how important it is to exclude the possibility of infections.

Summing up, I will say that the video reviews were not deceived, the choice was correct, and the result corresponds to expectations.

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