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Heart of Jesus Hospital

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Heart of Jesus Hospital

Herz-Jesu Hospital- socio-religious and nonprofit hospital in Austria, it is part of Vinzenz Group of hospitals, which meets all international standards and providing exclusive medical services of high quality.

About hospital


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About hospital

About the hospital:

Herz-Jesu Hospital is located in a picturesque location in the heart of Vienna, its territory has a garden with lawns and flowers. The main priority specializations of the hospital are:

  • diagnostics,
  • orthopedic surgery,
  • rheumatology,
  • traumatology,
  • rehabilitation,
  • individual planning of rehabilitation programs after surgery and counseling.

The hospital is famous for innovation, advanced equipment, a team of experts in the field of orthopedics, traumatology and successful experience in orthopedic surgery. If you have congenital or acquired diseases of the joints, the deformation of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatic and inflammatory diseases of the joints Herz-Jesu Hospital in Vienna has solutions of your problems, which successfully cure diseases of the joints, restores the locomotor system, and help you get back to full dynamic life without pain. Bookimed recommends this hospital, because it specializes in this area and has a lot of experience.

Pay attention to the main advantages of Herz-Jesu Hospital:

  • Specialized patient caring staff - customer-oriented;
  • Unique experience in the diagnosis, treatment, surgery, orthopedics, traumatology and rehabilitation;
  • Modern equipment;
  • Experienced doctors;
  • The use of effective methods of treatment and advanced innovative technologies;
  • First-class service;
  • Qualitative psychological and psychotherapeutic care;
  • Laboratory diagnostics, microbiology, blood bank operates;
  • Ambulance;
  • The Centre of artificial joints;
  • Selection of individual rehabilitation program for each patient;
  • Support and observation of the patient after the surgery until his complete recovery;
  • Interdisciplinary Centre for Rheumatology.

Specialized areas of the hospital:

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Intensive Care and Pain Therapy
  • Anesthesiology
  • Resuscitation and Pain Therapy
  • Treatment of internal organs
  • General surgery
  • Visceral Therapy
  • Sports medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Beam diagnostics
  • Osteology
  • Department of Sleep Medicine
  • Geriatrics

Doctors and medical staff

Leading experts in Austria working in the walls of the hospital, using their experience and knowledge for the benefit of patients. Grateful comments of patients confirm the effectiveness of doctor’s therapy, their experience and professionalism. Leading experts of the clinic:
1. Dr. Manfred Greher - Medical Director and Head of the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy. Leading specialist in anesthesiology and resuscitation.
2. Dr. Edmund Causa - Head of the department of internal medicine, high-class specialist in internal medicine, rheumatology and rehabilitation, endocrinology and metabolic diseases and geriatrics.

3. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider - Head of the department of orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, rheumatology specialist.

How much money does the treatment in Herz-Jesu Hospital cost for foreign patients?

Vienna is the center of medical tourism in Austria. The clinics of Vienna provide excellent service, effective treatment, advanced equipment, as well as the Austrian doctors who sought to qualify on a par with doctors from Germany and Switzerland. Among of leaders is a Herz-Jesu Hospital, which is presented on our website. Prices for medical services in hospitals of the Vienna are cheaper than in Germany and Switzerland and the effectiveness of treatment is very high.

Technological innovations in the hospital

Herz-Jesu Hospital has modern laboratories where accurate diagnosis are provided. It also has its own blood bank conducted microbiological research.
A wide arsenal of modern equipment presented at the clinic. The specialists of hospital are widely used diagnostic tests such as:

  • General Orthopedic and mobile X-ray,
  • Ultrasound diagnostics,
  • Computed tomography (CT), including joints,
  • Bone densitometry,
  • Needle biopsy under ultrasound control, which uses special needles with ultrasonic tags on your end,
  • Conduct diagnostic evaluation of orthopedic problems or toes,
  • Use low-impact method of diagnosis - arthroscopy.

The medical center also specializes in bariatric surgery, proctology and thyroid surgery.

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is equipped with ultra-modern equipment, arthroscopic surgical technique. There are working-class experts who are not only involved in the classical problems of the knee, shoulder and hip joints, but also have a unique experience in arthroscopic surgery, arthroplasty in such operations as the implantation of stents elbow joint, replacement joints of hand and fingers, endoprosthesis ankles and joints toe.
The doctor will offer you the latest techniques of treatment based on your diagnosis:

1. Conservation therapy of diseases of the spine, joints, etc.
2. Arthroscopy operation. Operations are carried out through two puncture (up to 5 mm), arthroscope with a camera and special instruments, which manipulates the doctor, entered into a joint. The surgeon sees the image on the monitor screen in an enlarged scale and know what is happening inside the joint without an open wound. The arthroscope allows the camera to explore in detail all the structures of the joint (meniscus, ligaments, cartilage), to evaluate their functionality and to conduct the necessary treatment, surgery.
3. Endoprosthesis replacement hip or knee joint with an artificial one is characterized by the use of modern technology (computer navigation and minimally invasive surgical techniques, the use of special implants).
4. Therapy of acute and chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system.
5. Postoperative treatment of hands and feet.
6. Knee reconstruction for patients with or without surgery.
7. Functional training for the restoration of independence in daily living (in the home) for elderly patients.
8. Recovery of sensory-motor coordination.

The Center of hand and foot surgery serves you to make diagnostic evaluation of orthopedic problems or toes in the presence of various degenerative, congenital or acquired deformities, inflammatory rheumatic diseases or injuries.
Arthroscopy has its obvious advantages for the patient:

  • very small incisions,
  • minimally invasive surgery,
  • fast rehabilitation after surgery.

The Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy is located at the Center for ultrasonic testing of nerve blocks. The anesthesiologists of center widely used method of ultrasonic targeting nerve block, which is based on a high level of local anesthesia. Nerve blocks using ultrasound targeting - a special technique of local anesthesia and pain management. This is one of the most important innovations of anesthesia in recent years. The main advantage of this method based in the fact that the nerves are tracked and displayed with a modern ultrasound device. Thus, local anesthesia can be done under the supervision of, and not "blindly" as before.
Intensive Care Unit equipped with modern equipment, including cardiovascular and respiratory therapy approved for patients with critical condition.

The hospital pays special attention to the patient's recovery after arthroscopy, joint replacement and other surgical procedures in the joints. Experienced therapists, doctors make individual recovery program that allows you to quickly restore motor function in the operated joint.

High-quality service for all

Over the years Herz-Jesu Hospital offers impeccable service and highly effective therapy for its patients from around the world. Pay your attention to comfortable chambers: single and double, that are equipped with air conditioning, en-suite bathroom and toilet. Hospital proposes to patients quality balanced meals to choose from. The medical center created everything necessary to ensure that you can be successful treated in a hospital or on an outpatient basis. If you need psychological support, the attentive staff will provide the necessary psychological support, as well as a complex of rehabilitation services that will promote active recovery, recuperation.

Vienna is a beautiful city in Austria, there are many sights that attract foreigners from around the world.
If you have been suffering from a disease of the joints and want to restore your health - our support center for patients will help you in choosing the right hospital and organizational issues. The doctors of Herz-Jesu Hospital can help you solve many health problems and move to a new level of life! Restore your health, get rid of the pain - and the world will be different: awesome and friendly!


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Orthopedics and Traumatology

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