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The patient underwent dental implantation

Good time to all who read my review. My story is banal, damaged teeth by local dentists, as a result, improper treatment led to multiple cystic formations that partially destroyed the bone. The question arose not only about the implants, but also the restoration of the bone itself. I decided immediately that I would do everything in an international clinic. On the Internet, scoring in the search for the clinic, quickly found the right one and called. And then, like in a fairy tale: a pleasant male voice introduced himself to Ostap, proposing a number of clinics, my dear, I want to immediately tell him BIG THANKS, without his help I would not have met so quickly those doctors who saved not only my mouth, but also my soul )). When the consultation was appointed at the clinic, another sorceress named Varvara appeared in my life. The feeling of a soul mate arose from the first minutes of intercourse and has not left until now

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    Varvara Avotynsh Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 8, 2018

    Татьяна, большое спасибо за теплые слова!

    Ostap Bondarenko Bookimed medical coordinator Nov 13, 2018

    Татьяна, спасибо большое за такой подробный отзыв, он очень поможет будущим пациентам. Было приятно с вами работать!