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Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic
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Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic

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Dasarang Central Hospital is notable for:

  • being the first highly specialized clinic for treatment of alcohol addiction in South Korea;
  • integrated treatment approach;
  • experience in the treatment of alcohol dependence for over 10 years;
  • 296 beds only for patients suffering from alcoholism;
  • over 20,000 successfully treated patients;
  • one of a kind method of treatment with herbs, which has no analogues in the world;
  • Certification by the Ministry of Health of South Korea.

Dasarang Central Hospital happens to be one of the best specialized hospitals in treatment of alcohol dependence in South Korea. It is the largest center with highly qualified specialists and unique innovative methods of treatment of alcohol addiction. Clinic’s Department for Alcoholism Treatment is organized with separation system for women, men and age treatment groups. Hospital’s motto “practicing love with patient’s eyes and family’s heart” is confirmed by thousands of people who were ever treated in Dasarang Clinic.

Effective treatment of alcohol addiction is comprised of:

Treatment approaches, departments and doctors

Treatment approach Department Doctors
Psychosocial treatment Department of Psychiatry and Rehabilitation (psychological individual and family) Team of psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists
Physical medicine Department of Internal Medicine Prof., MD Jeon Yong Joon - gastroenterologist
Oriental medicine Department of Korean Medicine: phyto-, manual-, auriculotherapy Assoc. Prof. Sim Jae Jong - developer of unique drugs based on oriental herbs to detoxify the body

How is alcoholism treatment process organized in Dasarang Clinic?

Depending on the diagnostics program the patient is observed within 3 to 5 days. Basing on the results the patient can be treated either on inpatient or on outpatient conditions.

The treatment process takes place in accordance with standardized step-by-step system. Such organization of diagnostics and treatment allows to:

In addition to standard therapies the treatment includes patented oriental herbal-based drugs (Chungganhaeju-hwan, Haeju Gongjindan) that are proven to have the ability to protect neurons from alcohol toxins, and auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), the use of which reduces the craving for alcohol and treats abstinence syndrome.

Main features of Dasarang Central Clinic:


Uiwang, South Korea

Date of foundation


Number of beds


Availability of lab


Rehabilitation services


Price policy


Accommodation conditions

Individual wards with TV and wi-fi

How much does treatment of alcoholism cost in Dasarang Central Hospital?

The correct approach to the problem of alcoholism allows to achieve good results within a short time. If maintenance therapy is continued at home, the therapeutic effect of the program increases in several times.

The cost of treatment programs for alcohol dependence in Dasarang Hospital depends on the chosen set of procedures and investigations. The price can be determined in advance, since it is fixed and set by the Ministry of Health of the country.

The cost of rehabilitation program is approximately from $2,000 to $5,000 (from 3 to 5 days + supporting therapy).

Location of the clinic on the map (Republic of Korea, Incheon)

Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic

Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic is a highly specialized clinic in South Korea created for patients suffering from alcoholism. Due to the implementation of integrated approach which unites psychosocial, therapeutic and Eastern medicine modes, Dasarang team has effectively cured over 20,000 patients from alcohol abuse and dependence.
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Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic
  • Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic

  • Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic

  • Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic

  • Dasarang Global Alcohol Clinic

Narcology and alcoholism

Reviews of the clinic's patients


Jeon Yong Joon

MD, gastroenterologist

Experience: 25 years
Sim Jae Jong

Associate professor, acupuncture doctor, chiropractic

Experience: 15 years
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