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Clinic Pirawarth

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Clinic Pirawarth

Kurhausstraße 100 2222 Bad Pirawarth Австрия

Clinic Bad Pirawarth is one of the largest hospitals in Austria, specializing in rehabilitation after diseases of a locomotorium system and a nervous system. Pirawarth hospital is located about 25 kilometers from Vienna, in the picturesque surroundings of the resort Bad Pirawarth.

About hospital


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About hospital

Clinic  Pirawarth  is a private resort and rehabilitation center in the field of neurology and orthopedics which is located in the Lower Austrian Weinviertel region. Bad  Pirawarth has its own springs of iodine-salt thermal and curative mineral water, that why it  is a popular resort in Austria for more than six hundred years. Benefits of thermal mineral water which is unique in its composition are scientific confirmed. It is useful for the treatment of skin diseases, weight loss, and a bath with the water are important accompanying measures in the treatment of patients. In Pirawarth therapeutic mineral water is widely known since 1376,  today it is a recognized remedy for disorders gastric secretion. Water from healing spring contributes to the process of weight loss when dieting. Natural medical procedures are widely used in the treatment in the clinic Bad Pirawarth, especially they are useful for skin diseases and diseases of a locomotorium system.
In the hospital all rooms are offered for one or two patients and equipped perfectly. They have comfortable furniture, balconies with views of nature, refrigerator, TV, telephone and safe. In chambers the beds are adjustable in height. Conveniences of rooms are adapted for patients in wheelchairs. There is an indoor swimming pool, cafe with terrace, there are plenty of places for rest on the territory of the clinic.

Diagnostics of Pirawarth clinic:

In the neurological rehabilitation narrowly specialized private  outpatient clinic  is treating the following diseases:

  • cerebrovascular diseases;
  • peripheral nervous system diseases;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • the consequences of damage to the brain and spinal cord;
  • nerve root compression syndrome (e.g., due to damage of the intervertebral discs);
  • psychiatric diseases.

In the orthopedic rehabilitation  postoperative treatment of hip and knee joints are performed,  shoulder and spine operations are recovered.
The cost of treatment for neurological patients and patients with injuries of a locomotorium system are generally available and for each patient are selected individually complex technique, which is formed the resulting price. The price includes accommodation in a room and full board, diagnostics and therapy are used in accordance with the individual program. To achieve a good effect you should stay at the clinic at least a month.
The territory of the hospital has termal springs, which have received widespread used in the treatment. Highly qualified specialists are developed special baths and mineral water courses and additional procedures.

Doctors of hospital:

The regular research and examinations of the patients are performed by professionals of the hospital. High qualification of medical staff and excellent technical equipment together with the natural healing springs provide high efficiency therapy in the clinic.
The main purpose of the doctors of medical complex Bad Pirawarth is to restore lost functions and improving the quality of life of patients.
The hospital is widely specialized in rehabilitation of patients with neuropathology. Patients can use the services of speech therapists, neurologists, ergotherapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, sports doctors, masseurs, nutritionists and nursing staff, who are provide the effectiveness of treatment. High level of service allows to visit relatives who are accompanying the patient.


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Orthopedics and Traumatology

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