Review 1919

The patient underwent gastrointestinal examination

I conducted a video consultation with Professor K. Rangger. I can say that: 1) I can evaluate the work of the professor as very good. 2) There was one misunderstanding when interacting with Nordwest. I was sure that the employees of the clinic are obliged to give me the opinion of the professor in writing in Russian and German. But then it turned out that they do not have such a duty. Nevertheless, they gave me these documents. Of course, I believe that this characterizes them well. 3) In the course of my communication with managers of Nordwest, there were still some undesirable moments. They sometimes spoke disrespectfully to me. I believe that this is unacceptable, especially in such a good clinic and for the money that they need to pay. In general, I want to say that my general impression about the clinic is good.

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