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The patient was treated of uterine fibroids

My uterine fibroids with indications for surgical intervention (removal) were diagnosed. In search of a clinic abroad, I remembered that I had heard about the Bookimed site and left my application there. The site itself contains an extensive database of clinics in different countries, describing their specialization, leading specialists and patient feedback.
After I left the application on the site with me very quickly contacted by e-mail and offered to agree on a convenient time for a phone call to discuss all the details. Subsequently, we several times called up with the same specialist (Ivan Koval), who was engaged in me from the very beginning and until the selection of the clinic. From communication with Ivan, I had extremely positive impressions: the competent in the field of medicine, which we discussed, benevolent and polite, knows how to listen to the interlocutor, punctual, always in touch, is able to convincingly provide information, explains why one or another clinic is recommended.
As a result, I was chosen clinic Nordwest in Frankfurt in Germany, where the highly skilled surgeon-gynecologist Professor Jorg Engel operates. After choosing a clinic, I was engaged in their office of medical tourism "Phoenix". I was given in advance full information about possible treatment options and operations, provisional cost, as well as information about the surgeon.
After preliminary discussion, I came to the clinic for a full-time consultation with the professor. The company "Phoenix" provides full support to the patient, starting from a meeting at the airport; They are also present at all consultations as an interpreter from German.
After the consultation, we appointed the date of the operation, to which I flew in about 1.5 months. "Phoenix" provided visa support, they provided all the necessary documents, a visa was received at the German consulate in Moscow in two days.
The condition of the clinic is that a few days before the operation the patient should undergo premedication: to pass tests and smears on infections, to pass a health questionnaire, and also to have a conversation with an anesthesiologist and a specialist (in my case a gynecologist) about the forthcoming operation and possible risks.
The operation was successful, the removal of the myomium was performed laparoscopically (although the professor had previously voiced the risk that it might be necessary to go on a cavity operation).
Foreign patients are accommodated in VIP class rooms (single rooms, with panoramic views of Frankfurt, comparable in quality to rooms in a high class hotel). Very good aftercare, constant monitoring of doctors and nurses, all very professional, attentive and friendly. Three meals a day (choice from the menu) plus two snacks.
I was discharged from the hospital on the fifth day after the operation. The state of health was good, absolutely normal for a return flight to Moscow on the same day.
Definitely I can recommend the clinic Nordwest for gynecological treatment and operations.

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