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When a terrible insidious disease (which previously was even feared in the depths of consciousness) suddenly (!) Declares (after a biopsy) in full, masterfully about its location in your living organism, you involuntarily embrace the chilling horror. No! That's not mine! These analyzes - the verdict - are clearly strangers, apparently, they were confused in the laboratory ... Alas!

But soon, after not one sleepless night, the key in my head is the sacramental question "What should I do ?!" And now a passionate desire arises - to struggle! Be-be-be! And here it is extremely important to choose a reliable medical ally, a savior's friend, who, in fact, you trust the most precious thing that God has given and the parents - LIFE.

From the trilemma - Russia, Germany or Israel - I thanks to the all-round competent support and help from my relatives (my wife, my sons, my brother, my brother-in-law) have firmly stopped on the south. And from a number of well-known Israeli clinics the choice, after careful monitoring, fell on the Tel Aviv clinic Assuta Complex. And we, I think, will never regret it.

Assuta Complex is not only one of the centers of modern world medicine that is widely and regularly recognized. Assuta Complex - with all its numerous units and services located already in three different places in the capital in impressive buildings of urban architecture, I personally imagine (on a safe expiration of the operation) a kind of majestic Temple of Health! I believe, like thousands of his other patients from all over the world, so it is.

I deliberately omit from organizational review the organizational and financial components. They are also natural for any society, like air and water for the everyday life of an individual. It seems to me, in the main thing - in people who create true Good in the operating rooms, in the wards, in the procedural and research clinics of the Assuta Complex.

And since I (and my family) interacted with a certain circle of people, I would like to highlight, first of all, the medical director - Alla Shinder - an excellent manager, a charming woman, a reliable responsible partner. I am sure that the misfortune transferred me and my family to Alla purely for the rest of my life! And if suddenly, more than expectation, she will need help, we are always ready to extend a hand of friendship.

As for the purely medical content, then preparation, consultations, and analyzes - in the Assuta Complex at the proper impeccable level. Apotheosis was a carefully prepared operation - brachytherapy. It is excellent, if it is appropriate to compare, the outstanding professor Haim Matskin ("chaim" in Russian translation of "life") carried out jewelry with a friendly professional team of doctors and assistants.

... It's been a month already. Now my usual creative (extremely rich) life is on the run. And inside my body for a second does not stop the struggle between "good and evil," skillfully introduced medicine, with predatory alien cells ...

I believe: victory will be ours!

With respect and gratitude to the whole clinic Assuta Complex and to my kind healers

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