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The patient was treated of uterine cancer

She came to the clinic Anadolu in December 2018 for examination and consultation. The clinic is large, modern, very clean. Shuttle organized. We had curator Suleiman and we were accompanied at the clinic by translators who are quite good. We liked the doctor. What we had to face: on the first day we went for a consultation with the doctor, where we were prescribed PET CT and additional blood tests. After that, the translator who was with us
and the doctor said that we can decide to give the histology blocks to their laboratory to confirm the diagnosis or not. We have not passed since I have been ill for a long time, there is nothing to confirm, and so it is clear. The next day, Suleiman called back and said that the surrender of the blocks is a must if we want to get the doctor's recommendations for treatment (cost 200-800 dollars, we got around 650, the laboratory confirmed the diagnosis).
After receiving all the results, we went for a second consultation with the doctor. Her recommendation was to conduct chemotherapy. The recommended chemotherapy scheme turned out to be redeemed separately (cost about $ 530).
In addition, I want to advise - consider yourself constantly how much you have to pay, because with each payment of monipulation (paid 3 times to the cashier), the cashiers called the amount $ 200-300 more than we had to pay and had to figure it out again, so that to avoid this, you need to close the account every time after each payment under 0. It is also interesting that on one floor a translator and a cashier give one price. After a couple of Cham, we raise with Suleiman to pay them to another floor, they already consider one position more expensive, the second cheaper.
Conclusion: I liked the clinic, but there is no "pun" with payments. Control everything yourself!
Bukenmed’s manager, Alena, helped us on all issues. Thanks you.
All Health. Fight and do not give up!

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